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Your Guide To Salesforce Best Practices: Where To Find Them & What To Do With Them

By Angela Maschio 02.12.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

Your Salesforce journey travels a never-ending path filled with product updates, new use cases, and increasing business value. Along the way, you’ll face challenges and changes, but there’s nothing that can’t be bested with an adaptable Salesforce strategy and a link to the right Salesforce know-how.

Silverline has you covered with our complete guide to finding Salesforce best practices and insight on putting your knowledge to work.


Where to Find Salesforce Best Practices & Updates

Earn Points on Trailhead to Learn Salesforce Release Information

You can learn all about new releases from Salesforce through Trailhead. In each release module, you’ll get an overview of the updates with additional resources so you fully comprehend what’s changing. Plus, you can earn points toward badges! Once you learn the new updates to Salesforce, you update your Salesforce strategy appropriately and effectively.


Learn Salesforce Best Practices from Reputable Sources

There are lots of resources online if you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost in the Salesforce ecosystem, and some of them are better than others. Here are some excellent sources for Salesforce best practices:


Subscribe to the Salesforce Blog

Check out the Salesforce blog for some great content, including release information. These blogs typically include a video about the release, a preview, and the release notes, so all your bases are covered depending on your learning style and preferences! There’s no better way to learn Salesforce best practices and updates than straight from the source.

In addition to release information, the Salesforce blog has great content from industry leaders, new perspective on unique use cases, and fun information about the Salesforce Ohana!


Follow Influencers in Your Industry on Social Media

Social media can be a great avenue to stay updated and feel connected with top leaders or influencers in your industry. Twitter and LinkedIn are great outlets to follow these folks. You can learn Salesforce strategy from people who work in the same industry and may be facing similar challenges. Do a quick search online for these influencers and catch up on their content to find those you love! Here are some of our favorites to follow:

  • Shane Hayes–one of our very own Salesforce Solution Architects and Salesforce superstar.
  • Bill Greenhaw–a Salesforce Expert & Evangelist in Northern California.
  • Susan Thayer–a Salesforce MVP and Marketing guru.
  • Shonnah Hughes–a SFDC fanatic!
  • Ben McCarthy–a great blogger in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • David Liu–inspiring the next generation of Salesforce pros.
  • Kyla Longe–a leader in the Salesforce WIT community.


Attend User Group Events

If you love to mingle and learn, attending User Group events in your city is a great way to network with other Salesforce users and learn about new Salesforce best practices. You may meet people who have questions or goals alike to your own. You can learn from the people around you, plus the vents themselves have a great variety of topics and learning options!


What To Do With This Information

Learning Salesforce best practices will be a continuous process, but once you’re connected to all the right people online and know where to go to find good resources, you’ll be better prepared to use this information to adjust your Salesforce strategy and get to the next level.


Develop Your Salesforce Strategy and Roadmap

With the right tools and knowledge at your fingertips, it’s time to start putting it all to good use. Given what you’ve learned, develop a Salesforce strategy that’s right for your team. You may have come across a Salesforce blog about a use case that’s similar to your needs, or maybe a top influencer in your industry suggested new list views for your sales team. Whatever sparked curiosity or intrigue in your research could be a great addition to your own Salesforce strategy.

Figure out what you’d like to mimic or accomplish on your team, then start making plans to get there.


Inform Your Team

Now that you are empowered with this Salesforce knowledge, it’s time to start sharing it! Keeping your team in-the-know of new Salesforce best practices, updates, and changes is crucial to maintaining a strong workforce and to continue progressing. Knowledge is power, and it could be what inspires your team’s roadmap!


Avoiding The Rabbit Hole

Doing all this research and using it to establish your Salesforce strategy can lead you down a rabbit hole of misinformation, opinion blogs, and training videos galore! If finding these resources or using these Salesforce best practices becomes overwhelming, fall back on some goals you set for yourself. What are you truly trying to learn or understand, and why does that matter to your organization’s goals? This can help you stay on track and use the information you’ve learned to do great things!

Want some help with your Salesforce strategy or understanding Salesforce best practices? Silverline is here to help! Contact us to learn more.

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