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7 Favorite Features in the Salesforce Summer Release Notes ’17

By 07.19.17
Reading time: 3 minutes

Summer is upon us which means the world’s #1 CRM platform has become even better.  The release has been live for a few weeks now, and here are some of the new features we felt are noteworthy.

1. Improved Migration Assistant (applies to Classic)

Restyled and even easier to use, the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant makes the transition from Classic to Lightning easier than ever.  Coupled with the Switch User to Lightning Experience tool (shown below), you can start making the transition to Lightning so your users can begin benefiting from all of the enhancements Salesforce is introducing.

2. Console Split View (applies to Lightning Experience Only)

If you’re using Classic Console Apps, you know what a game changer those are in terms of user experience and efficiency.  Lightning Console apps, while still relatively new, are shaping up to be powerful tools to further improve productivity.  Split views for console now allows you to further reduce time spent navigating back and forth between list views.

3. Case Hovers (applies to Lightning Experience only)

Case Hovers to the rescue!  No more clicking around to get the information you need from a case.  Configure the compact layout to add up to 5 fields to display on the hover layout.  (Note: the compact layout is shared with the Highlight Panel, so you will need to keep both in mind)

4. View, Create, Edit and Delete Case Comments (applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 mobile)

If you were an early adopter of Lightning, you may have been missing this basic functionality – now supported by the case feed and quick actions you can easily add and manage Case Comments.

5. Field History Related List (applies to Lightning Experience only)

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.  This idea submitted by a member of the Salesforce Community barely saw the light of day.  It had under 6,000 points and just 590 votes and has already hit production.  But we appreciate it.  If you’ve missed being able to see field history tracking related lists in Lightning, your wait is over.   With this update also comes another familiar, but sorely missed, related list: Opportunity Stage History.

6. Classic Email Templates Support in LEX + Change Letterhead on Existing Templates (applies to Lightning Experience and Classic)

Hooray!  For those of you just starting out with Lightning, one more hurdle has been removed.  You can now use your Classic Email Templates in Lightning Experience.  In addition, you can now Change Letterhead on your existing Templates (available in Classic and Lightning Experience).

7. Drag and Drop Files (applies to Lightning Experience only)

Another time saver for all of you Lightning Experience junkies.  Now you can drag and drop files from your computer right into Salesforce.

These features and many others are changing the way users experience Salesforce applications.  The Summer ‘17 release boasts over 200 new features and a whopping 536 pages of release notes. Click here to access the full release notes or download the PDF version. Have a question? Comment in the field below to start a conversation.

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