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What Are the Benefits of Salesforce Media Cloud?

By 11.16.21
Reading time: 4 minutes

Welcome to the future of media.

I’ve been in this business for more than 10 years, and the amount of change we’ve seen in the last few months has been astounding. Between changing customer preferences, completely new media types, the impending loss of cookie tracking, and managing mountains of other data about customers and prospects, it’s time for a new way to advertise.

In the new, converged world, you need one system that can sell all media types — future-proofing your business for an industry that will only keep changing. 

That’s where Salesforce Media Cloud comes in.

Built on an industry-specific data model that extends your 360-degree-view of the customer, Salesforce Media Cloud gives you access to deep analytics and insights for budgeting, projections, actualization, and campaign pacing, with integrations that push data across multiple downstream systems so your team can collaborate and execute seamlessly.

5 benefits of Salesforce Media Cloud

With Salesforce Media Cloud, you can grow revenue with personalized engagement and insights. Today, I’m walking through some of the best reasons to use Salesforce Media Cloud for all of your advertising efforts:

1. Build a programmatic advertising plan, all in one place

Salesforce Media Cloud unlocks the next phase of media buying: programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising uses AI and machine learning to automatically purchase media across multiple channels, defined by your audience and parameters that you set. You know the dream of delivering the right ads to the right people at the right time? That’s what programmatic advertising, done right, can deliver. 

With Salesforce Media Cloud, you can:

  • Build or create converged media plans with pricing and quoting
  • Manage the global contract lifecycle easily
  • Automate ad insertion and orders

Salesforce Media Cloud helps you build a converged platform that you own to sell and build integrated media plans: print, linear, and digital, which can now integrate with programmatic exchanges as part of your overall media planning budget.

2. End-to-end subscriber lifecycle management

The key to successful advertising today is a level of personalization and sophistication that hasn’t existed before.

That’s because consumers know that you’re collecting their data, and they’re increasingly frustrated if their experience doesn’t match with their expectations. They expect to see you on new channels like Twitch, TikTok, and eSports, and they expect to be talked to on an individual level.

That requires understanding exactly how target audiences approach their purchase path, what channels influence them the most, and what kind of advertising they’re looking for — in other words, lots and lots of data. 

With Salesforce Media Cloud, you can bring that data to bear for end-to-end subscriber lifecycle management, personalizing the experience for every customer with features like:

  • Personalized offer and promotion management
  • Intelligent contact center and process workflows
  • Self-service activation

3. Unify your marketing experience

You may already have access to this customer data already, but aren’t sure where to find it in your organization — or worse, have to flip between multiple screens and hack together ways to get your systems to “talk” to one another.

With Salesforce Media Cloud, you can build a single marketing experience in a way that works with the rest of your internal processes:

  • Connect content and merchandise revenue
  • Unify content experiences with advertising and product sales
  • Expand licensing and marketplace opportunities

Salesforce Media Cloud puts everything in one place. And it works seamlessly with other Salesforce products your team might already be using, like Sales or Service Cloud. The more unified you can be on the back end, the easier it is to deliver that top-notch customer experience (and help your team stay more productive).

4. Streamline advertising operations

Advertising operations have so many moving parts. Whether you’re an agency or advertising in-house, you’re managing multiple platforms, contracts, and content — not to mention monitoring a whole host of channels that may change by the month. We’re already seeing new media types that never existed before, especially through the $25bn retail and ecommerce media market like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Salesforce Media Cloud sets you up to scale, so you can handle whatever changes the industry throws at you:

  • Streamline licencing and contract negotiations
  • Distribute content globally
  • Automate and unify content and merchandise monetization strategies

With Salesforce Media Cloud, you can plan strategically for new channels, understand how they’re performing quickly and easily, and make sure your entire team is on the same page.

5. Completely customize the platform to your needs

And best of all? It’s completely customizable.

Every company has a different process, and even if you’re adding a new platform in the mix, you don’t have to worry about completely overhauling your process — Salesforce Media Cloud works for you, not the other way around.

Whether that’s feeding the right data integrations, optimizing new features for your existing workflow, or evolving the user experience for your team as you gather feedback and get into the weeds, no Salesforce integration is a one-and-done interaction. You have a chance to build it to exactly the specifications that matter to you. And don’t worry — if you’re not sure what that is, Silverline can help!

Join the media revolution with Silverline

The partnership we have established with Salesforce Media Cloud and Salesforce’s continued investment and innovation positions Silverline to support growing organizations and springboard their digital transformation with Salesforce Media Cloud. We’re here to help agencies and companies alike revolutionize the way they go about media buying — putting you back in the driver’s seat.

If you want to learn more about how Salesforce Media Cloud can help your media business, download our free ebook. 

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