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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Salesforce Einstein

By 10.17.16
Reading time: 2 minutes

Einstein was, without a doubt, the hottest topic at Dreamforce this year. With all the acquisitions and money spent by Salesforce on this new artificial intelligence (AI) platform, I’m sure you are wondering how it’s going to help your business? As consumers, we’ve been using AI without even realizing it (for some of us). Google harnesses AI to autocomplete search queries, predicting what you are searching for with accuracy, while Facebook newsfeeds and Amazon product recommendations are tailored for you via machine-learning algorithms.

The next generation of customers expect a cohesive, intelligent experience every time they interact with a business, and soon every company will face an imperative demand to integrate AI into the fabric of their business in order to succeed. Enter Einstein. Salesforce has fully integrated Einstein into the entire Salesforce Platform, making it even smarter than before. It’s designed to enable companies of all sizes to discovers insights, predict outcomes, recommend next steps, and automate tasks for business users. Here’s how: 

1. Sell Smarter

Data is automatically captured through Einstein, enabling Sales reps to discover the best next steps and closest connections. Predictive sales helps reps prioritize leads and respond faster to high-value opportunities, while digital assistants help maintain the relationship once it’s established by scheduling calls and issuing reminders.

2. Service Smarter

With Einstein, service can actually anticipate a customer’s needs, rather than simply reacting to them. Interactions can start before the customer even picks up the phone, for example, by Einstein monitoring a package’s progress through shipping and notifying a service agent the moment it becomes delayed. Automatically recommend the right content to the agent at the right time, including suggested solutions, relevant cases, and best next actions. The agent can introduce these actions to the customer in an organic way, and possibly even solve the issue before it becomes a case.

3. Market Smarter

Einstein enables marketers to reach every customer at the right time, knows the best audience for every campaign, and delivers the perfect content for every customer. Marketers will be able to leverage smart scoring to predict each customer’s likelihood to convert, use predictive intelligence to segment and build audiences based on likely future actions, and send messages when a customer is most likely to engage.

Experience the benefits of automated workflows, timely and relevant suggestions, and adaptive applications throughout every customer touchpoint to redefine customer experience and out-sell, out-service, and out-market your competitors with Einstein. Contact us to learn more!

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