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4 Reasons Why Salesforce Beats Microsoft Dynamics 365

By 07.30.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Rivalries exist across every competitive landscape and CRM is no different. When you’re looking for a robust CRM with the best feature-set for your business, the two most notable players are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. How do you choose one over the other? This decision is important as you provide the right tools and processes for your teams to drive your business forward and execute a superior customer experience.

Here are four reasons a growing, innovative organization will choose Salesforce:


Sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities, and platform. Salesforce has everything you need to connect every business unit with customizable solutions to drive your business forward and collaborate holistically across your organization. If you can dream it, it can surely be built (if it hasn’t already!) within the Salesforce Platform. While Microsoft Dynamics offers similar solutions they don’t quite scale as successfully as Salesforce’s robust solution set.  


The Salesforce Platform gives you the ability to extend, configure, and integrate with 3rd party applications. By employing standards and limits within your org, you have the flexibility to apply governance within the Platform to ensure you do not encounter conflicts during org updates. Additionally, governance tools for data will ensure your data can be cleansed and deduplicated which is crucial to operating efficiently across departments for larger organizations. Microsoft Dynamics lacks much of the data governance tools and capabilities that Salesforce has to offer.

Artificial Intelligence

Sell smarter, service smarter, and market smarter. With the rollout of Salesforce’s Einstein Artificial Intelligence solution, you can experience automated workflows, timely suggestions, and adaptive application resources. Salesforce Einstein outsmarts Microsoft’s AI to give your business a competitive advantage.

App Advantage

With Salesforce AppExchange, you have nearly 3,500 tools directly at your disposal to customize and enhance the Salesforce platform to suit your business needs. As you evolve, your Salesforce will evolve with you. In comparison, Dynamics 365 has just under 1,000 apps.

With so many similarities between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ability to scale for the future, govern for consistency, apply intelligence, and integrate apps will all help your organization achieve your long-term goals. Adopt a platform that will work with you as you grow and change. Make sure you find a partner with industry expertise and great customer testimonials, as you do your due diligence, you’ll likely find that more customers and market research groups choose Salesforce over Dynamics or any other platform. Looking for experts to help you on your path to Salesforce? Contact us today to learn more.

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