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Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs

By 11.11.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

Silverline has been working with Salesforce implementations since the get-go — with many of our consultants working within the platform even before Silverline came to be.

The Salesforce platform allows our clients to create flexible and extensible business processes. Among many other features, Salesforce’s sandbox capability also allows organizations to spin up a new instance and start working with an exact copy of production or an existing sandbox. With such a quick setup, we’re able to get client Orgs up and running in record time.

But what if your organization wants to include the nCino configurations in that new Org, too? No problem! So long as you’ve got the time.

Deploying nCino configurations within Salesforce environments

If you’re familiar with Salesforce you know about change sets and other methods of deployment. When you introduce a tool like nCino, you add another level of complexity with deployment. nCino’s record-based configuration delivers a highly configurable solution. 

As you might know, a customizable solution often takes more time to deploy. nCino configurations and metadata deployment and validation can take upwards of two weeks per environment of project team time. And the fine folks at Silverline knew there had to be a better way.

Decreased record deployment time with Gearset

We leveraged the capabilities of Gearset and developed custom code to greatly reduce the time and effort required to deploy nCino commercially. Nicknamed the Button Click Deployment Center (BC/DC), our Gearset templates provide Silverline’s nCino implementation teams a simpler, speedier experience.

For example, with our templates, our team saw an immediate reduction of deployment and validation time by 96% for a single feature. From a task that would typically take up to 12+ hours of data loading and validation, Silverline’s tool reduced effort to a mere 30 minutes in real time. With that extra time, not only do projects move faster, but our teams can focus on more meaningful client conversations and creative project solutions.


Want to see how it’s done? Simply follow along!


1. BCDC Home Screen. Provides a guided experience and tools for administrators or deployment resources.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs


2. BCDC Deployment in Progress. Shows the screen an administrator would utilize to track and deploy single or multiple features in a deployment.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs 1


3. BCDC Migrate Feature. Allows an administrator to select specific aspects of a nCino feature to deploy and track the progress of the deployment of that feature.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs 2


4. BCDC Gearset Data Template. We’ve built Gearset data templates associated with each of the nCino features that allow efficient deployment to new environments.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs 3


5. BCDC in Progress. The Gearset deployment in progress.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs 4


6. BCDC Deployment Complete. Once an admin has completed the deployment, they can track that completion in BCDC.

Improved nCino Configuration Time within Salesforce Orgs 5


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