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Is Your Organization Up to the Challenge of New Technology?

By Matthew Johnson 08.22.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

You completed your Salesforce platform implementation a year or so ago. The utilization is down a bit but a few enhancements have been delivered. However, something isn’t quite right. You really need to take some action, but you’re not sure where to start or what path to take. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In fact, you are in pretty good company. Even world-class technology like Salesforce requires care and feeding to keep the results world class.

Implementing new processes, tools, and technology can be a great initial boost for any organization. It can also eventually present a number of challenges, including:

  • Insufficient levels of user skill, motivation, or attitude
  • Degree of user interface ease of use and usability
  • Compromised process efficiency, alignment, or compliance
  • Issues around data availability, latency, or quality

If left unchecked, new implementations can become a vicious cycle of issues, and when one area is out of alignment, all the others can be negatively affected as well.

3 program dimensions to ensure success

In order to help organizations clear internal roadblocks, enable platform health, and ultimately ensure program success, Silverline offers a unique Journey Optimization engagement — built on three specific program dimensions (identified as common sources that determine effective program outcomes). These include:

  • Driving successful user adoption
  • Examining best practices within the technology solution
  • Improving overall program effectiveness

First, we begin by conducting comprehensive Healthchecks in each of these areas, and then identify actions that will successfully drive the program forward. It is important to note that we specifically tailor the focus on these program dimensions to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Our three-dimensional approach to optimization through multiple Healthchecks is one of a kind. The norm is to focus only on technology, but our broader focus provides the greatest chance of improving program effectiveness.

Silverline’s Healthcheck approach

Adoption Healthcheck

The purpose of an Adoption Healthcheck is to identify factors that are either positively or negatively influencing the adoption of new processes, tools, and technology. This dimension also examines the value that stakeholders gain from adoption, including bottom-line business benefits. The focus is specifically on business alignment, user alignment, and platform experience.

Solution Healthcheck

The Solution Healthcheck examines key components of the technology solution from the perspective of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and best practices to better understand contributions to performance levels. The focus is on platform health, solution architecture, and data value.

Program Healthcheck

The Program Healthcheck explores the elements of the program from the perspective of strategy, resources, and capabilities within the CRM program structure and identifies areas for improvement or for adding new competencies. The focus is on program governance, program architecture, and program delivery. 

Achieve business outcomes with action-oriented insights

These Healthchecks are just the beginning. Once complete, we develop a comprehensive plan that addresses all previously identified challenges and identifies actions that will accelerate adoption, elevate platform health, and improve program effectiveness. At the end of the Journey Optimization engagement, Silverline delivers a prioritized action plan that includes short-term quick wins as well as medium and longer-term program improvements.

Learn more about Silverline’s Advisory services and see how we can jumpstart your technology journey today.

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