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Pardot Joins the Experience

By 10.10.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Winter is Coming. With the Winter release, the outcast Pardot is finally allowed to join the Lightning Family. This, among other things, makes for a very exciting Winter ‘19 release full of fun Pardot enhancements.

Firstly, Pardot is coming to Lightning experience, which means your marketing team no longer has to leave Salesforce to manage content, lists, or anything else in Pardot. Goodbye single tab app and hello Lightning Experience. One login to access all the features of Salesforce AND Pardot. Now that Pardot can be experienced with Lightning navigation you can get a truly holistic view of all of your marketing activities.

Pardot Joins the Experience

Another huge change is connected campaign improvements in Pardot. Now your campaigns can stay in sync much easier—prospects added to campaigns in Pardot automatically sync to campaigns in Salesforce and those in Salesforce sync to Pardot. This makes tracking campaign membership across channels much easier. This adds an entirely new level of campaign and source attribution and influence to your marketing data.  

One of my favorite changes in Winter ‘19 for Pardot though is the change to Opt-in and Opt-out functionality. In the past, it was a cumbersome and slightly annoying exercise to opt someone back in who had previously opted out. Salesforce has made this way less annoying by now providing a simple checkbox in the Salesforce Connector within Pardot that allows you to overwrite the prospect opted outfield in Pardot. This will help organizations simplify opt-out/opt-in management and save a lot of time and effort trying to create processes and functionality around this.

These are just a few of the cool new features in Winter ‘19. We encourage you to check them out in the release notes so you can be ready when this goes live in your org! If you want to talk with a member of the Silverline team about what these changes mean for you, reach out via the Contact Us form.

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