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Why Now is the Right Time to Become a MuleSoft Certified Developer

By 04.02.19
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Salesforce completed its acquisition of MuleSoft, the world’s leading platform for application networks, in May of last year. A great fit for the Salesforce ecosystem, MuleSoft’s mission is to connect any application, data, and device by building innovative products that drive customers’ success. Why Now is the Right Time to Become a MuleSoft Certified Developer 1

MuleSoft’s software platform seamlessly connects nearly every technology in one uniform way. It moves away from custom code and instead gathers data by way of APIs and joins it to external systems and applications. This lets its users secure and manage their data flow throughout systems and networks enterprise-wide.

Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director of451 Research, shared that Salesforce’s purchase of MuleSoft puts the customer “right at the heart of digital transformation.” She said, “Many companies are still lagging due to the difficulty in integrating legacy infrastructure, automating manual and paper-based processes, and managing data growth. MuleSoft will play a starring role in projects for the businesses that still have not formalized digital transformation strategies.”


The Emerging Need for MuleSoft Certified Developers

Amid all of the change involved in a digital transformation, businesses strive to find more innovative ways to enhance their customer experiences. That means they are collaborating with one another across platforms and applications to serve the common needs of their shared clients. This creates a reliable, widely available network that allows organizations to carry on their businesses without major changes to integrate with systems they don’t control.

With all these demands, Salesforce customers and partners are looking for more and more people with MuleSoft expertise to support the needs. Getting certified with MuleSoft will put you ahead of the curve when looking for opportunities. You can start training for a developer certificate and move your way up to a MuleSoft certified Platform Architect or an Integration Architect or both.


Enabling Digital Transformation with MuleSoft

Digital transformation is nothing new — we’ve been doing it since we moved from stone to paper, from paper to typewriter, from physical files to Excel sheets and data sheets. Of course, manual transformation was soon replaced with ETL tools (short for extract, transform, load).

ETL vendors have libraries, each with a long list of connectors to support many applications. However, if you look at these vendors, they all follow one standard overarching approach with point-to-point integration, which connect to a maximum of two systems at any given time. This point-to-point approach no longer serves the growing data exchange needs, like AI and IoT.

That’s where MuleSoft comes in. Their platform goes beyond point-to-point integration and provides the ability to design, develop, and manage APIs and multiple integrations all on a single platform. Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, you can create more scalable, reusable, and secure APIs and integrations. You can maintain complete control over the API management lifecycle from design to deployment, whether it be in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment.

Contact us to learn more about MuleSoft and see how we can help drive your transformation.

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