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Silverline and Adapta Technologies Create Silverline Central America

By 05.17.21
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Silverline, a digital transformation consultancy and Salesforce partner headquartered in New York City, announced today its partnership with Adapta Technologies, the only Salesforce Registered Partner in El Salvador, to create Silverline Central America. 

“The continued growth we are seeing in our client base made the decision to create Silverline Central America an easy choice,” said Gireesh Sonnad, Silverline Co-Founder and CEO. “This expanded, highly skilled team will continue to solve complex business problems for our clients by designing and developing innovative digital experiences. We’ll also be able to provide more flexible and scalable solutions for our clients with access to an ever expanding range of employee skill sets.”

“Adapta Technologies has been a pioneer in introducing the Salesforce platform to the Central American region,” said Melissa Nelson, Chief Value Officer, Silverline. “The partnership between Adapta and Silverline over the last three years has been so successful due to the close alignment of values between our companies. Both companies ‘never stop learning’ which has enabled our consultants to work seamlessly together in bringing value to our clients.” 

Silverline Central America will start with a strong focus over the next two years on high-level training, as well as in Salesforce certifications for Salvadoran candidates, growing the Silverline Central America team of highly trained professionals that will position and strengthen its software development leadership on the Salesforce platform.

“Over these past years, we have seen that if people have the right guidance and the opportunity to learn, our growth has no limits,” said Gino Caprile, CEO of Adapta Technologies. “In El Salvador our main resource is our people and one of the long-term goals for Silverline Central America is to develop talent in the country and the region, as this will not only allow job creation, but also position El Salvador as a Salesforce benchmark worldwide.”

About Adapta Technologies

Founded in 2011 in El Salvador, Adapta Technologies provides software development services throughout the Central American region and the United States using Salesforce technology. The company currently operates with 40 specialists. Over the next two years, it is expected to generate more than 200 job opportunities for new market entrants that will allow them to become highly trained bilingual professionals. For more information visit: 

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