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3 Reasons to Improve Your Productivity With SalesforceIQ

By 06.17.16
Reading time: 2 minutes


Alleviate stress from your day-to-day business operations by letting SalesforceIQ do the work for you. It automatically manages the details of your customer and prospect interaction. SalesforceIQ collects the information automatically logged from emails, calendar, marketing automation systems, and many other data sources.

SalesforceIQ comes in two solutions: Inbox for Salesforce and Small Business CRM. SalesforceIQ for Inbox is a simple integration for your existing Salesforce org. The Small Business CRM solution is a quick set up and begins building your org instantly by tracking leads, opportunities, and building a pipeline for you to report on.

  1. Easy to Integrate

Once you have SalesforceIQ, you can plug in quickly and easily. It has integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Apple, and Android. It only takes two minutes to log into your mail and calendar platform and then log into your Salesforce org if you already have one.

  1. Stay Ahead of Your Schedule

SalesforceIQ integration analyzes what you communicate to potential and current customers to identify opportunities. It also has read receipts so you can better understand your client’s time frame and reply rate. Identify who’s engaging with you the most and utilize event setup reminders to enhance your engagement on opportunities to better your chances of success.

  1. Save Your Valuable Time

SalesforceIQ has data automation that you should definitely get excited about! The program integrates into your email and will help you eliminate manual entry of contacts and activities by logging information in your Salesforce org for you. Effortlessly build information for a contact with the data that’s created when you have a meeting scheduled on your calendar or send an email without having to manually track it, SalesforceIQ does it for you. Who doesn’t love seamless automation? Especially when you can report on it later for each person or as a whole.

SalesforceIQ saves you time and gives you the ability to look at what’s ahead. Learn more about SalesforceIQ.

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