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Availability Scheduling

with CalendarAnything

Discover the future of seamless scheduling

Availability Scheduling empowers you to effortlessly set the availability of any object within Salesforce, be it time slots for resources or assets awaiting assignment. By doing so, your team can streamline the appointment scheduling process, allowing customers to self-schedule appointments and make other bookings. No more dealing with long registration forms, messy email chains, or missed calls. With Availability Scheduling, scheduling becomes a breeze.

Key features of Availability Scheduling

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In this datasheet, learn more about the self-scheduling process on CalendarAnything, from setting resource availability to publicly displaying a calendar, enabling self-scheduling, generating leads, and visualizing data in Salesforce.

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Popular scheduling use cases

Real Estate — Streamline the property showing process

CalendarAnything’s Availability Scheduling functionality allows any prospect the ability to browse property listings on your website or digital experience, select a preferred showing time, and secure it on the spot or start an approval process in Salesforce. This empowers real estate agents by saving valuable time and energy on all the back and forth communication that is better left to automation. Paired with CalendarAnything’s visualization capabilities, your team can view, track, and manage property walkthroughs all in one central location: Salesforce.

Healthcare Providers — Make booking appointments easy

With Availability Scheduling by CalendarAnything, patients can easily see and book available time slots, with the ability to filter by location or specialty. Salesforce captures patient data safely and securely so you can follow up and provide appropriate care. Holding all patient information in a central location like Salesforce allows for more streamlined care, improved ROI from revenue cycle management activities, and valuable insights for ongoing patient marketing. Allowing your patients to book online speeds up appointment scheduling and improves the overall patient experience.

Nonprofits — Manage your volunteer community

Never miss the opportunity to connect with your volunteer community with the help of Availability Scheduling. Allow your volunteers to easily donate their time to your organization with the ease that self-scheduling provides. Whether you’re planning fundraising events or juggling day-to-day efforts, Availability Scheduling makes it easy.

Every volunteer gets trained, so we have multiple training sessions across national chapters and time zones. CalendarAnything is way more seamless, and it saves Project Sunshine a lot of time creating sessions. —Volunteer Engagement Director Kaitlin Garzia, Project Sunshine.

Learn how Project Sunshine connects with their community.

Human Resources — Simplify the hiring process

The endless back and forth of setting interviews, onboarding meetings, new hire training, and team-building events doesn’t have to take up all your time. Allow your team to self-schedule with Availability Scheduling. Have your HR team set your availability or set your own, and let fellow colleagues schedule a time that works for their schedule or shift.

Learn more about resource allocation with CalendarAnything.

Availability Scheduling with CalendarAnyhting

With CalendarAnything and Availability Scheduling, the possibilities are limitless. Let your audience register themselves, eliminating unnecessary clicks and confusion while Salesforce captures all the details.

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