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Salesforce Marketing Calendar

with CalendarAnything

Tracking marketing activities like events, campaigns, content deadlines, and send schedules doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Marketers do it all. Juggling multiple channels, personas, or campaign goals doesn’t have to be a confusing mess of tangled spreadsheets. Customize how your marketing data is displayed within CalendarAnything. 

  • Overlay calendars to get a holistic view of campaigns and all related activities 
  • Track performance over time — and see what your next move should be to generate more leads 
  • Stay coordinated between multiple stakeholders and cross-functional campaigns — never miss a project deadline or product launch again

Send better marketing campaigns, more often

Using Gantt view along with Calendar Groups, visualize all campaigns running this year overlayed with the content, copy, and design needs. Gantt view provides two separate levels of grouping so you can always see exactly what information you need, when you need it.


Conditional coloring based on status makes it easy to see what needs to be done at-a-glance. From your marketing director to your brand new intern, everyone knows exactly which pieces of the campaign they’re responsible for, when it needs to be done, and who needs to know before launch.



No matter the channel, make marketing easy

There is a lot more to marketing than just campaigns. Streamline internal planning with a shared calendar of all marketing activities, including daily tasks and larger events. Track all marketing tasks associated with a campaign, create a shared event calendar for internal planning purposes, or embed it within the Salesforce community for a larger audience.

Quickly drag-and-drop tasks to reassigned entries like tasks and events, like managing vendors, coding emails, or building reports. Or create a content calendar and quickly assign a new status, like when a piece is ready for editing, design, or social media promotion. The options are limitless with CalendarAnything.

Embed CalendarAnything on a homepage or Salesforce community with dynamically filtered content depending on the logged in user…so your leadership team can get the 10,000-foot-view without diving into every tiny task.

The CalendarAnything advantage

These are just a few of the calendar views that can be used for Marketing use cases, but with CalendarAnything, the possibilities are limitless. You can visualize any custom or standard field in CalendarAnything as long as that data is housed within Salesforce.

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