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Share and Embed Custom Salesforce Calendars

with CalendarAnything

Make sure everyone on your team has access to the most important calendars with sharing and embed functionality. In Salesforce, share custom calendars that you create for your team. Whether you’re helping customers or patients schedule appointments or working on a project plan with multiple stakeholders, user-friendly, advanced data visualization by CalendarAnything makes it easy to stay on track and on budget.

Embed and share custom calendars directly on your homepage

Having a calendar view of your team’s day as soon as you access Salesforce every morning is a game changer. Add the calendar to your Salesforce home page or set a custom calendar tab. Get more productive and see exactly how you’re spending your time to achieve your business goals:

  • View all of your team’s meetings at-a-glance and determine an open time for a quick touchpoint before a big meeting, a standup session for status updates, or casual coffee with coworkers. 
  • Color code the calendar by account, geography, prospect/customer relationship, internal/external, and more
  • You can even connect meetings to an account straight from the homepage to ensure sales, customer support, and marketing are all on the same page.

When you set permissions and view/edit access in Salesforce sharing settings, you’ll also set CalendarAnything permissions. Embed CalendarAnything directly on your Salesforce Homepage or within a record while creating calendars.

Do more with dynamic calendars

Dynamic calendars can be customized based on the user or the record so you can see every touchpoint with a client prior to an opportunity closing when you look at their account. 

CalendarAnything is an advanced salesforce visualization tool that improves Salesforce user adoption. Dynamic calendars make sense to end users by drilling down to the data points that they care about most it. CalendarAnything allows users to understand Salesforce quickly as it visualizes Salesforce records users want to see and allows them to do a deep dive with the Details Popup functionality. Add records straight from CalendarAnything UI from any custom or standard object using the Create and Edit Popup. Is your organization using HealthCloud, Financial Services Cloud or Field Service Lightning? Awesome!  It doesn’t matter the custom object, CalendarAnything can create a dynamic calendar to visualize Salesforce data for your users.

Get the full picture of account history, project timelines, and more

A dynamically embedded calendar allows you to see every touchpoint for a given account over time. Customer relationship managers, support reps, sales team members, and more can see everything they need to know right away to quickly determine a follow-up cadence and make sure there’s a seamless customer experience.

Utilizing the latest in Salesforce technology, Lightning. Embedding CalendarAnything within Salesforce has never been easier with the development of the CalendarAnything Lightning Web Component. Drop CalendarAnything into any Salesforce record or layout and use component properties to visualize and prioritize records for your users. 

Salesforce Community Embedding

Share public calendars and resources easily with your community by embedding CalendarAnything! CalendarAnything can be used to share an events calendar with the entire community or create a dynamic calendar built from a resource calendar that will show records based on the community user.

  • Salesforce administrators can change permissions anytime based on the user so information is easily communicated between team members
  • HR teams can schedule team-building events, training classes, and more with a shared calendar across organizations
  • Marketing teams can plan multi-day events, embedding and sharing registration forms, special workshops, and more
  • Non-profit organizations can easily share information, volunteer opportunities, and events to their entire audience and community. 
  • …and more!

Embedding CalendarAnything within a Salesforce community allows your community users a tailored Salesforce calendar experience. Embed a calendar on their community homepage that only reflects events, opportunities, etc. that pertain to the user. Collaborating with an external team, volunteers or any audience has never been easier. Allow your community users to update meeting times, set their availability for weekly syncs and update opportunities.

Community Bank interaction

That’s the CalendarAnything advantage.Collaborate, share, and more

CalendarAnything is a flexible and robust tool that allows for limitless possibilities. You can visualize and embed on any custom or standard object or record in CalendarAnything as long as that data is housed within Salesforce.

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