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CA LWC 1.104 Release NotesCategorized in Release Notes

Release Notes Version: 1.104
Release Date: 7 March, 2024

Sandbox Install
Production Install
Release Notes PDF

New Features & Improvements

General Improvements

  • For Day and Swimlane Views, added multiple grouping for Custom Grouping, Public Groups, Queues, and User List Views
  • For Conditional Coloring step of the Create and Edit Calendars wizard:
    • added Between and Between or Equal operators for fields of type:
      • Int
      • Percent
      • Currency
      • Decimal
    • Added validation to ensure range begin and range end is separated with a hyphen, for example, 100-200

Availability Scheduling Improvements to Availability Template Page

  • Replaced buttons with icons
  • Added field information icons
  • Added “Add exception period” icon
  • Availability Exception Start and Availability Exception End remain disabled until the Add Exception Period icon is clicked or an exception period is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • General Print Settings for Swimlane view show incorrect dates.
  • Event Details Popup – the ‘Link’ window is not fully visible on the ‘Notes’ Tab.
  • Gantt View – The group title is broken in ‘Print’ if there are special characters.
  • CALWC: Visibility issues when scrolling through a Calendar & site not loading.
  • Related lists are showing a date/time for records that just have a date field.

Known Issues

  • Display Start and End Date/Time Swimlane display setting is not getting applied to the Swimlane view.

Go to Release Notes PDF for full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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