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This article describes the CalendarAnything LWC URL and Component parameters that enable you to customize calendar characteristics such as appearance, grouping, sorting, default views, and so on. To make it easier to find a given parameter, the parameters are grouped as follows:

URL parameters

CalendarAnything LWC URL parameters can be passed in a URL.

c_tCurrent Date title / button; 0 – disablec_t=0
cidDefines one or more calendars to load when CalendarAnything starts. The calendar friendly name can be used instead of the ID.cid=Event_Cal
dateStart datedate=2013-11-30
filterDefines the list of calendars to apply dynamic filters (pv[1-10]) to. Calendar id or friendly name can be used.filter=Tasks
g_pGantt View period – number of months to display; 0 – no limits;g_p=12 // one year;
g_vGantt View mode. Options include:
– hour
– day
– week
– month
– quarter
htdisable CA header
l_dlCA Logo; 0 – disablel_dl=0
l_dpPrint Button;  0 – disablel_dp=0
l_dsAll ways to settings – My Calendars button, Settings, Quick Settings; 0 – disablel_ds=0
l_nRight button; 0 – disablel_n=0
l_pLeft button; 0 – disablel_p=0
l_tToday button; 0 – disablel_t=0
ps(1-10)Filter value for dynamic filters in Custom Grouping. Each number is the filter criteria number to which this value will be applied. This list of filters can be applied to Custom Group By for Swimlane, Gantt and Day Grouping views.ps1=AAA&ps2={!Contact.ID}
pv[1-10]Filter value for dynamic filters. Each number is linked to some filter for some calendar.
List of applied filters define as “filter” parameter
r_aAgenda View / button; 0 – disabler_a=0
r_dDay Vew / button; 0 – disabler_d=0
r_dgDay With Grouping View / button; 0 – disabler_dg=0
r_gGantt View / button; 0 – disabler_g=0
r_mMonth View / button; 0 – disabler_m=0
r_sSwimlane View / button; 0 – disabler_s=0
r_wWeek View / button; 0 – disabler_w=0
restPrefixPrefix for Subpages (like Community)restPrefix=/somesubpage
restVAPI Version for  REST CallsrestV=41.0
sbDisplay / hide left panel. Options include:
0 – visible calendar sidebar (even if URL contains “cid=…”
1 – hide full calendar sidebar, display collapsed calendar side bar
2 – hide all calendar sidebars
siteDefine that CA shows on a public site. This means that connect.js is not usable and certain functionality that is not available to site users will be
tzTime Zone IDtz=Asia/Shanghai
urlSet the default external URL for “event bar details” behavior.
The URL can include the \[id\] substring; This will be replaced with the element ID at runtime.
vStarting view. Options include:
a – agenda
d – day
dg – day with grouping
g – gantt
m – month
w – week
s – swimlane

Component parameters: view-specific

Component parameters allow you to specify CalendarAnything Settings at the component level. These will be the default Settings launched each time you open CalendarAnything. The parameters listed in the group below pertain to specific calendar views and are sub-grouped by view.

ParameterDescriptionPossible Values
Agenda View
agendaAdditionalFieldsLWC Agenda View – show additional fieldstrue | false
agendaEmptyDaysShow Empty Days in Agenda Viewtrue | false
agendaFieldLabelsDisplay field labels in Agenda Viewtrue | false
Day View
dayAdditionalFieldsLWC Day View – show additional fieldstrue | false
dayFieldLabelsLWC Day View – show additional fields labelstrue | false
dayGroupingAdditionalFieldsLWC DayGrouping View – show additional fieldstrue | false
dayGroupingFieldLabelsLWC DayGrouping View – show additional fields labelstrue | false
dayModeAreaSet the visibility and size of Hourly and All-Day Areas
0_1 – Hours Only
1_9 – 10% All-Day_90% Hours
1_2 – 33% All-Day_67% Hours
1_1 – 50% All-Day_50% Hours
1_0 -All-Day Only
0_1 | 1_9 | 1_2 | 1_1 | 1_0
Gantt View
ganttAdditionalFieldsGantt View show additional fieldstrue | false
ganttCellGantt View Day Cell Width20 | 40 | 60 | 80 | 100
ganttCollapseFullLineCollapse Grouping One Linetrue | false
ganttCollapseGroupingByDefaultCollapse Grouping by Defaulttrue | false
ganttFieldLabelsShow field labels for Additional Fieldstrue | false
ganttHideAdditionalFieldsAuto collapse Additional Fieldstrue | false
ganttPeriodGantt View period : number of months + all time ; 0.1 – one day, 0.7 – one week0.1 | 0.7 | 1 | 3 | 6 | 12 | 36 | 120 | 0
ganttRespectHoursRespect working hours in Gantt View.true | false
ganttShowStartWeekMark Start Week Daytrue | false
ganttShowUnvisibleRespect Working Hours in Gantt Viewtrue | false
ganttSplitStarting mode of Gantt Viewday | week | month | quarter
ganttWideTitleOpen wide title by defaulttrue | false
Month View
extendedRangeQuery extended date range in month view – one month before and one month aftertrue | false
monthAdditionalFieldsLWC Month View – show additional fieldstrue | false
monthFieldLabelsLWC Month View – show additional fields labelstrue | false
monthOnlyOneShow only one monthtrue | false
monthShowMonthShow Month names on cellstrue | false
monthShowWeekShow year week number in week rowtrue | false
monthWeeks0 – Auto height of week rows on Month View
6 – display 6 week rows
0 | 6
Swimlane View
pinCurrentUserShow current user at first position (also applies to Day Grouping views)true | false
swimlaneAdditionalFieldsLWC Swimlane View – show additional fieldstrue | false
swimlaneCellSwimlane cell width for Day View25 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 300
swimlaneDefaultGroupByDefault Swimlane grouping field or user list viewempty or some field or some UserList ID (18 chars)
swimlaneDefaultPeriodDefault Swimlane period typeday | hour
swimlaneDisplayStartEndDateDisplay Date in the Datetime fields for viewed datetrue | false
swimlaneEnableGroupByDisplay Group by fields optiontrue | false
swimlaneEnableGroupsShow Public Groups in Swimlane Selectortrue | false
swimlaneEnableListViewsDisplay User Listview optiontrue | false
swimlaneEnablePresetsDisplay Custom Grouping optiontrue | false
swimlaneEnableQueueShow Queue in Swimlane / Day with Groupingtrue | false
swimlaneFieldLabelsLWC Swimlane View – show additional fields labelstrue | false
swimlaneGroupHierarchyUse Hierarchy in Public Groupstrue | false
swimlaneGroupIncludeRoleLoad  Roles users in Public Groupstrue | false
swimlaneGroupIncludeSubgroupLoad  Subgroups users in Public Groupstrue | false
swimlaneOneDayAllDayIf FALSE, do not display the Date in the Event Bar if it is an All-Day Event for one day.true | false
swimlanePresetPreset Swimlane value with Quick Creation; set value for assign to / owner id fieldtrue | false
swimlaneScrollingEnable swimlane scrolling (change date when getting end of the timeline)true | false
swimlaneShowFilterWhether to show the Group filter in Swimlane Viewtrue | false
swimlaneShowWeekDayDisplay Day  of Weektrue | false
Week View
weekAdditionalFieldsLWC Week mode – show additional fieldstrue | false
weekFieldLabelsLWC Week mode – show additional fields labelstrue | false

Component parameters: general

These component parameters are not specific to just one view. They pertain to CalendarAnything LWC calendars in general or to more than one calendar view.

ParameterDescriptionPossible Values
addonsList of enabled addons separated by commachatter, invite, attach, zoom, slack, teams
alwaysBrowserTabIn Lightning Open Records in New Browser Tabtrue | false
alwaysFilterSetsLoad data with enabled filter set onlytrue | false
apiCacheAPI caching (hours / lazy – means postloading )0 | 1 | 3 | 8 | 24 | 168 | lazy
applyFilterSetsApply filter criteria to QC formtrue | false
autoRefreshturn on data synchronization  with the help of Streaming APInine | api_sobject
barLabelTimeAdd Start / End date – time on the event  label‘no’ – no start / end,
‘start’ – start time only,
‘end’ – start + end
cacheTimeData caching time (seconds)0 – 300
companyLogoPrint mode Logo (URL)String
confirmDeleteShow popup for user to confirm deletion before deleting itemtrue | false
displayTimeZoneDisplay Time Zone selectortrue | false
fastStartWhen set to true, CalendarAnything loads only visible calendar object information on page load.true | false
fullDaySortBySort Day Details Popup Events:
date – By Date and Title
calendar_sorting – By Calendar, Sorting Field and Title
date |  calendar_sorting |
gradientDisplay event bars with gradient (requires more resources from browser)on | off
hideNotifyHide all (errors + notifications) or just notifications“all” | “message”
langCalendarAnything LWC UI languageString; ‘en’,’ru’,’uk’
loadLastPeriodLoad only last selected period. When the user rapidly clicks on “prev” or “next” this will wait until the user stops clicking and only load the last period.true | false
minMinutePeriodSize of one cell in timing area60 | 30 | 15 | 10 | 5
modeStarting viewmonth | week | day | custom | agenda| gantt | swimlane  | dayGrouping
multiContactsInEventEnable Multi Contacts Eventstrue | false
noleftNo display settingstrue | false
nonWorkingHoursDisplayHow to display non-working hours.hide | show | paint
orFilterSetsShow And Or selector for filter setstrue | false
parallelRequestsParallel requests to server; number of requests for events1 thru 10
qcAutoEnableEnable Calendar after Quick Creation‘auto’ | ‘off’ | ‘on’
rememberLastViewSave last Selected View as Default Calendar view (except when defined with URL or as a component property) and restore it the next time during CalendarAnything startup.true | false
requestTimeoutRequest timeout in seconds1 – 300
showAdditionalFieldsShow additional fields in the Calendar Edit formtrue | false
showMultipleColorAllow multiple color conditionoff | corner | line
showThirdLevelShow third level fieldstrue | false
showTitles0 – No Titles
1 – Compact (title only)
2 – Detailed (title start & end)
3 – Full Agenda (all fields defined in step 10)
4 – Detail Dialog (displays Details dialog as if you clicked on hover)
0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
showWeekEndsDisplay week ends (5 – up to Friday, 6 – also Saturday, 7 – all week)
Note: 5 and 6 only available with startWeekDay=0
5 | 6 | 7
sizeSize of event bars (height and font size)small | middle | large
startHourPeriodStart hour for timing area0-23
startWeekDayStarting day of a week0-6 (from Sun to Sat)
stopHourPeriodEnd of timing area0-23
uiFilterDisplay Filter Paneltrue | false
uiFilterSetsDisplay Filter Sets paneltrue | false
uiSearchDisplay search fieldtrue | false
uiShowAvlShow Availability Calendars blocktrue | false
uiShowDesktopCreateShow Create Button on Desktoptrue | false
uiShowGroupShow Grouped Calendars blocktrue | false
uiShowSFShow Standard Calendars blocktrue | false
uiShowWebShow Web Calendars blocktrue | false
uiTodayDisplay Today buttontrue | false
useSFTimeZoneUse Server TZtrue | false

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