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Users can send messages from the CalendarAnything App to Slack! Additionally,  messages can include a direct link to the record page. Messages can be sent to individual users, private and public Slack channels. CalendarAnything for Slack supports all Slack plans including Enterprise Grid.

In this article you will learn how to:

Add Slack in Remote Site Settings

1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup

2. Security > Remote Site Settings

3. Add Remote Site

Name: Slack

Login to Slack

Go to CalendarAnything Settings Gear

Click on Integrations > Slack Login tab

Click Login To Slack button

Follow the instructions in the Slack window and click Save in Calendar Settings.


Enable Slack Tab

Go to CalendarAnything Gear Settings. Select General Settings, in Display and Layout section navigate to Add-ons display setting and enable Slack add-on. Click Save.

Send Messages

Left click on a record within CalendarAnything

Open Slack Tab

Choose Type, search Conversation or User

Add Message and click Send Message.

Logout from Slack

Go to CalendarAnything Settings Gear > Click Integrations > Slack Login Tab > Click Logout from Slack button > Save

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