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CalendarAnything LWC propertiesCategorized in LWCCategorized in Troubleshooting

CalendarAnything LWC properties are optional. These properties define settings for embedded calendars.

Default View Mode
Agenda is the default view. Admin can change the default view to one of other options we offer, such as Day, Day Grouping or Week.

Calendars Available to Enable
Admin can list Calendar friendly names (comma separated) or Calendar IDs to limit the number of calendars available to users. Calendars to Enable at Startup Admin can list Calendar friendly names (comma separated) or Calendar Ids that will be loaded by default every time the user opens the page. It will override any selection made by the user from the list of available calendars. If left blank, no calendars will be loaded when the user opens the application for the first time. To enable calendars, tap on the navigation icon and select calendars from the list.

Calendars Available for New Records
Admin can limit the list of calendars available to users to create new records. Enter calendar ID or Name from ‘Name and Color’ of calendar setup.

Set component height in px. For mobile recommended height value is set to 500.

Auto Hide Date-Picker property
When checked, will auto hide date picker calendar after user selects date.

Record Dynamic Filter Field property
Used to filter records when a component is placed on the record page. For example:

ο Add component on Account page
ο Set Record Dynamic Filter Field = Id
ο Add Dynamic filter on Calendar Edit > ‘Filter Criteria’: Related To = DYN

Then only calendar events related to the current Account will be displayed with the component.

Display Mode Selector
If checked, will display View Mode selector.

Display Create New Record Icon
If checked, will display + icon (Create New).

Display Calendar Selector
If checked, will display Calendar Selector.

Display Refresh Icon
If checked, will display Refresh icon. Clicking the Refresh icon will display the latest records for all selected calendars.

Display Today Icon
If checked, will display Today icon.

Use CalendarAnything Create Form
If checked, will use a custom record create form based on Create and Edit Popup within calendar setup. Otherwise, will use standard new record layout for selected record type.

Enabled Calendars Only on Create
If checked, will only display the currently selected list of calendars to choose from when creating new records.

Additional User Settings
Admin can specify default user settings in JSON format.
For example: {“swimlaneEnableListViews”:false}

Max Reference Options
Admin can define the number of related lookup objects to load on start. For optimal performance, we recommended to set Max Reference Options to 10 or less.

Static Caching Time (minutes)
Cache time limit for object’s metadata and user’s permissions.

Session Caching Time (minutes)
Cache time limit for calendar’s information.


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