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How to Customize Calendar DisplayCategorized in User Guide

Users are able to customize the calendar display settings to specify Week Start Day, Custom View settings, Font Size, etc.

To access the custom display settings, click the My Calendars button and select the Display Settings option.

My Display Settings
● Font Size
● Entry Label Gradient: Toggle On/Off
● Default Calendar View: specifies whether the calendar will always load in Day, Week, Month, Custom, Agenda, Gantt or Swimlane views.
● Week Start Day: applicable to 7 days Week, Month and Custom views.
● Show Days: specifies whether the Month, Week, Day or Swimlane views will show 5 days, 6 days, or 7 days.
● Row Height: Automatic allows for vertical scroll and will display all records in a given month, Fixed row height is similar to older versions and limits the number of records displayed on each row.

Month View Settings
● Query extended date ranges: makes request to server for 4 months instead of 2 when loading events.
● Sort Order for Day Details: determines what will the sort order be for the “+ more” Day details pop-up in Month View.
● Scrolling Speed: determines the speed of the scroll in seconds with 1 being the slowest.
● Show Month name: if enabled shows the name of the month on each day.

Day/Week View Settings
● Specify hours displayed in the Day/Week/Swimlane views. Uses 24-hour clock timings. The example below will display the calendar hours from 8am to 6pm in 30-minute intervals.
● Specify whether the calendar should display or hide Non Working hours.
● Specify whether the calendar will display All Day Only records, Time Only events, or a ratio of both for Day and Week views.
● Specify whether to default to Agenda mode in a weekly view.
● Specify what mode – Standard, Grouping or Agenda will be used for Day/Week Views by default.
● Specify whether or not to show field labels.

Custom View Settings
● Specify the number of days to display. Select manually based on rows and columns or select any number of days from two to seven days to two weeks to four weeks.
● Specify whether the calendar will display All Day Only records, Time Only events, or a ratio of both.

Agenda View Settings
● Display field labels in Agenda View enables users to toggle field labels in Agenda View independents of other calendar views.
● Show Empty Days in Agenda View.
● Select if all period will be printed with the Print option or just a current Month.

Gantt View Settings
● Users can set Default view mode.
● Users can set Default period.
● Respect working hours option will allow to maintain display of working hours set in Day/Week View Settings.
● User can show or hide the labels of records from the hidden non-working hours.
● User can set if Gantt groups of events will be collapsed by default.
● User can select in which fashion will collapsed events be displayed.

Swimlane View Settings
● When Preset Swimlane value with Quick Creation option is checked, the Assigned To field will be prepopulated with user name from selected swimlane. Please note that this option work only when records are grouped by User list view.
● Swimlane Cross Day Scrolling enables users horizontal scroll in Swimlane view.
● A Display field label in Swimlane view option allows users to show or hide field labels. By default, this checkbox is checked.
● User can set the Day Sell Width.
● The Display Group by List Views option allows you show or hide List Views Grouping.
● Default Group by time defines if swimlanes will be grouped By Days or By Hours.
● The Display custom Group by option allows you allows you show or hide predefined custom Grouping.
● Include Group Subgroups Users allows you to include Subgroups as a grouping option.
● The Display Public Group by option allows you to show or hide Public Groups as a Grouping option.
● Include Group Roles Users allows you to include Roles as a grouping option.
● The Display Group by fields option allows to add or remove possibility of grouping by Calendar target object fields in addition to grouping by User list view.
● Include Group Hierarchy Users allows you to include Hierarchies as a grouping option
● Display Start Date/Time & End Date/Time allows to hide or show Start Date/Time & End Date/Time on event labels in Swimlane view
● User can select whether to show a Date on the label of a single-day All Day events.
● Choose to Display the Day of the Week on each date

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