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How Acxiom Ensures Long-Term Marketing Success with CalendarAnything

A leader in identity, customer data management, and the ethical use of data, Acxiom helps brands understand their customers in order to create better customer experiences and deliver business growth. For over 50 years, Acxiom has helped the world’s biggest brands make sense of fragmented data and changing technologies in a dynamic marketing ecosystem.

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With an unparalleled commitment to client success, Acxiom’s open and connected approach drives greater reach, relevancy, and revenue for brands. Today, Acxiom is a trusted advisor to thousands of clients and partners, enabling them to create millions of better customer experiences every day. Acxiom is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG), a global provider of media and marketing solutions.

CalendarAnything streamlines marketing activities

Back in 2012, Acxiom was going through a major digital transformation initiative and was seeking new marketing tools that could scale with the company. The marketing team was specifically looking for a better way to track their internal campaigns, projects, and resources. Acxiom found CalendarAnything on the Salesforce AppExchange and has been a loyal user of the #1 Salesforce Calendar App for over ten years.

CalendarAnything is used on a daily basis by Acxiom’s global marketing team. The team uses the app internally to see everything they need to know at-a-glance in one view, including email campaigns, editorial calendars, events, and meetings. The marketing ops team also adds their vacation days to help the marketers better plan their campaigns.

A tool that provides ongoing marketing support

“CalendarAnything is very helpful when I’m on a call with my team just to click and see an email campaign. I can tell them immediately how it performed,” said Sara Underwood, Marketing Operations Leader at Acxiom. “I use the conditional colors to help show campaigns that have hit certain marks. For example, if the campaign is green, we’ve hit our average click rate. If the campaign is red, we had lower engagement than we expected in the email.”

Underwood likes that she and her marketing team can use CalendarAnything to:

  • Keep email campaigns on time and on track by ensuring the multiple steps leading up to the launch are accounted for, such as the email content and segmentation.
  • Build out different calendars that can be verticalized by categories or regionalized by location.
  • Filter by predefined criteria to view calendars by region, campaign, or project and quickly access the information.

“Probably my favorite feature is that you can drag and drop to change dates or names.”

A recent new hire of Underwood’s had previously used manual campaign processes and had never worked with an automated system like CalendarAnything. He was delighted by how it keeps the team organized to see upcoming campaigns and manage workloads.

Based on their satisfaction with the app, Acxiom plans to continue to partner with Silverline on using CalendarAnything.

“I haven’t seen anything out in the market that is comparable to CalendarAnything. We’re a happy long-time customer, and we want to keep going,” Underwood said.



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