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Founded in 1923 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA), Amalgamated Bank was New York City’s first labor bank. Until this time, banks were responsive almost exclusively to the needs of corporations and wealthy individuals. Sidney Hillman, the founder and President of the ACWA, believed that hard-working people and their families deserved access to affordable banking, and it was from this principle Amalgamated Bank was born.


Amalgamated Bank lacked an efficient system to communicate amongst their multiple branches and had no way to deliver Division specific content to their employees. Amalgamated Bank wanted a solution that would give them an easy launching pad to other apps, such as Epicor HR. They also wanted to leverage Active Directory for seamless authentication. Amalgamated Bank typically communicated with employees through e-mail announcements from the CEO and lacked a way for them to facilitate two-way communications with employees.


Amalgamated Bank worked with Silverline to implement The WaterCooler, a social intranet app. The intranet is completely customized to their brand and the UI matches that of their website. Amalgamated and Silverline created Division specific pagesthat allow employees in similar roles, across their multiple branches, to easily collaborate.


Amalgamated has improved employee morale and brand connection by educating their employees on social campaigns they support. Employees are more connected to Amalgamated’s mission statement and values. Amalgamated’s intranet will never be stagnant because it can easily be customized by their internal team.

They’ve empowered their Marketing Department and their Salesforce Admin to update the content and continuously improvetheir corporate communications. Amalgamated has improved employee communication within each of their branches as well as across branches. Amalgamated now has a central location to share important documents including marketing documents, HR resources, templates.


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