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Improved Sales Processes and ROI for a Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Designs for Vision, Inc. (DVI) is the world’s leading manufacturer of magnification, LED headlights, and illumination products in dentistry and surgery. Founded in Buffalo, NY over 70 years ago, DVI has grown to 73 offices worldwide.

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As DVI increased their sales — both in terms of revenue and sales resources — it became increasingly difficult for management to track sales activity. Additionally, lead management became challenging, as leads (especially webbased leads) were coming in faster than the DVI team could respond to them. These challenges extended to sales pipeline reporting, and made it nearly impossible to obtain a centralized view of a customer’s history.

DVI used Excel to track their existing sales pipeline, and their website (and associated database) to capture web-based leads. Leads flow in from a variety of sources, including: phone, website forms, newsletter requests, direct mail, and email. In addition, DVI attends roughly 100 conventions a year and develops a network of dental and doctoral students (nearly 14,000/year) as early stage leads. DVI needed a centralized application to support the daily functions of their sales process. They chose Salesforce to help them better connect, collect, and analyze their data.

Building out a better sales solution

Salesforce recommended Silverline as a partner for DVI’s transformation, and DVI was happy to find a good fit. “Geography mattered. First of all, we’re located on Long Island and Silverline is in Manhattan, so it was somebody that could actually come out to our office and we could go up to them. And the Solution Architect that we had, she really got deep into our business operations to understand what we needed to have, what was important, and how to prioritize that information, which required a lot of custom work,” said John Walsh, Corporate Vice President.

Silverline partnered with DVI to implement Sales Cloud to centralize their CRM data and to implement processes to support lead management, quote management, campaign management, and to provide greater insight across the sales process with a portfolio of reports and dashboards. All functionality was also supported within Salesforce1, enabling the field services personnel.

Ongoing support provides continuous improvement

DVI also engaged Navigator, Silverline’s managed services solution, to help throughout implementation and following go-live. “After Service Cloud was up and running, Silverline improved the case system to also allow our sales reps to take a lead that
was not really a lead, but actually a service question and reassign that to a case. That was one of the bigger projects we’ve done since the initial implementation. Currently, we’re transitioning from the Classic to the Lightning version of Salesforce and Silverline helped us with that mapping out that transition,” said Walsh. “One of the things they also mapped out for us was our web-to-lead form. It operates off of the zip codes to get the lead immediately to the correct representative.”

Enhanced customer engagement, realized ROI

Silverline implemented Sales Cloud for DVI, enabling them to capture basic sales functions in a unified, Salesforcebased relational database. Case Management functionality was built through the portal to address issues with lead-tocase conversion, improve case visibility and security, and incorporate other case enhancements.

“We’re getting our leads to our sales reps in real time, and using the web-to-lead form that Silverline created for us. We’re able to keep track of our leads and follow them in an orderly fashion. And I’ll also monitor the performance or sales reps through the reports,” said Walsh. “We still attend a lot of professional conventions between both our surgical markets and our dental markets. Now we’re more able to achieve true ROI by making each of the conventions into their own campaign within Salesforce. So that information is always at our fingertips.”

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