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How A Leading Content Distributor Streamlined Onboarding and Reshuffling With Salesforce Sales Cloud

This leading distributor of kids’ and family content to major broadcasters, streaming platforms, on-demand services, and home entertainment companies is recognized globally for a wide array of popular TV programming. Leveraging a library of approximately 13,000 half-hours of content across more than 500 titles, the Company’s distribution team in Toronto, Paris, and Beijing manages linear and non-linear rights on a territory-by-territory basis. Servicing an international roster of up to 40 unique clients per month, and delivering more than 3,000 digital files per month, the Company takes an integrated approach with both traditional linear and new digital clients, bolstered by a dedicated support team providing best-in-class service.

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The Challenge

With 13,000 half-hours of entertainment in their library, viewed on over 500 streaming platforms and telecasters worldwide, the Company needed a centralized location to track and manage all of their sales and content licensing data. 

Working with several different legacy systems such as Excel and Outlook, the Company lacked proper data storage and couldn’t track client information such as notes, conversations, and what had been pitched, ultimately leaving the team with no single source of truth for their business. 

The Company’s digital transformation was a long time coming. Employees working off of individual Excel documents meant that when someone left the company their data went with them, and it also caused a lot of duplicate data, room for error, inconsistency, and left the team with no way to pull new opportunities.

With everyone doing their own thing on their own platform, it was a free-for-all that left the Company missing opportunities and consistency. 


The decision to work with Silverline was easy. Silverline was the only recommended partner from Salesforce, thanks to our media expertise and understanding of the Company’s distribution rights business. 

The project consisted of customizing Salesforce Sales Cloud to meet the Company’s business needs. Over four months, all individual sales manager’s Excel trackers were replaced with Salesforce Sales Cloud, which was integrated with Microsoft 365 emails and calendars. This gave them the ability to: 

  • Capture all information about what was being sold to broadcasters
  • Track important dates, notes, and reminders 
  • Receive notifications in Outlook or their dashboards 
  • Easily generate status reports by title and/or customer name to share internally and externally 

The Company’s processes are now more automated and less manual. Previously, the finance team would have to go through different sheets to pull together pipeline numbers, but they are now able to easily pull everything from Salesforce. 

By gaining a single source of truth, the Company solved for the immediate pain points of disparate Excel spreadsheets and version control. By using Salesforce, they will also be able streamline their future onboarding and reshuffling processes.  


There are many hurdles that can come up during a project like this one, and the Company’s team was thrilled that Silverline was able to launch this project within the time frame and financial year they had planned. 

The Company was extremely impressed with the timeliness and level of communication Silverline displayed throughout the entire project. It really showed that Silverline is a customer-first organization, and the Company felt that their needs and concerns were always addressed quickly and with care.   

One Sales Manager said: “Silverline’s professional and courteous team managed our Salesforce CRM implementation flawlessly. From collecting detailed project requirements to final training and launch, they delivered expert guidance and clear communication every step of the way. The Silverline team understood our business and our specific needs, which was essential for the project’s success.”  

The Company has quickly seen how much of a difference having a single source of truth makes to their business. Shortly after launching, the Company did an internal account territory reshuffling, which thanks to the work of Silverline, went smoother than they had ever experienced. 

Once the new owner was assigned to the account, they were able to see all of the information pertaining to that account, and the Microsoft Outlook integration showed meetings that previously took place and any associated notes. This was a quick win for the Company’s team.

This would not have been possible without the partnership with Silverline, and the Company looks forward to continuing to work together. 

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