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Silverline helps a content delivery company support better teamwork

Tapad Inc. is the marketing technology company reinventing personalization for the modern marketer through its identity-driven solutions. The company's signature Tapad Graph connects millions of consumers across billions of devices. The world's largest brands and most effective marketers entrust Tapad to provide an accurate, privacy-conscious and unified approach to connecting with consumers across screens.

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With ad services that flow across virtually every type of media and device, Tapad relies on flawless coordination to deploy impactful marketing campaigns for their clients. Every day, they have to stay focused on dozens of moving targets—ad campaigns that fluctuate continually based on availability, visibility and more. Using email and spreadsheets to manually manage these complex variables across departments was cumbersome and time-consuming. 

“There would be three or four versions of campaigns that people managed and stored in their own way,” explains Michael Gelberg, Director of Sales Operations at Tapad. “Some would have the information in an Excel document; for others, their inbox.” 

As a result, the sales and operations teams needed greater end-to-end campaign visibility and simplified coordination. And as Tapad continued to expand, they knew the need would only intensify. 

“We’ve really been focusing on scale,” Gelberg says. “We have a team that’s very agile at handling a large number of requests, but as we grew—we needed a process that was repeatable and didn’t place numerous caveats on every campaign.” 


Silverline helped the company bring sales and operations onto a single platform by building and integrating Opportunity Product Scheduler onto Tapad’s existing Salesforce system. The ability to track ad sales and schedules in a single system enabled the sales team to communicate campaign changes to the operations team in real time and it allowed management and sales to track post-sales activities and changes.The enhanced system also brought new levels of efficiency and control to the operations team. 

For Gelberg, Silverline’s extensive media-industry expertise was invaluable to the process. “Working with Silverline gave us an opportunity to learn about what other companies in the industry were doing— how they were leveraging systems like Salesforce.” 


Tapad now has a system that they know can scale to support their rapid organizational growth. 

But the biggest win for Gelberg is the enhanced co-ordination between teams. 

“We’ve now created a one-stop shop in Salesforce for all the information that flows between sales and operations. It’s the hand-off between teams that’s the core benefit.” 

Looking to the future… 

“We really appreciated the flexibility of Silverline’s approach. Working in an industry that is constantly evolving means initiatives will change often—sometimes without our even realizing it. Silverline is very flexible in terms of meeting new requests or last-minute changes. That’s something that really helped make the final product a lot smoother,” said Michael Gelberg, Director of Sales Operations at Tapad. 

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