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Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Streamline your contract processes, reduce costs, and decrease time to revenue.

Say goodbye to manual, inefficient contract processes... and hello to savings and speed

Contracts are an essential part of business. But most companies are still using outdated systems and manual workflows to manage their contract processes, leading to time-wasting, costly challenges such as:

  • Manual contract creation, an error prone and labor intensive process
  • Contracts siloed across multiple disparate systems, making key contract information difficult to find
  • Contract negotiations managed manually and via email, slowing the contract process and increasing time to revenue

Implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management tool like Conga Contracts for Salesforce can provide significant benefits and economic impact — many hours saved on creating contracts, reduced in-house legal needs, and increased revenue due to faster contract completion chief among them.

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The key benefits of Conga Contracts

Why switch to a Contract Lifecycle Management tool like Conga Contracts? According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report… 

Contract creation: 1-2 hours, not 12 hours

Conga Composer, Conga’s flagship product, allows you to quickly and easily generate a contract with the click of a button in Salesforce. Prior to implementing Conga Contracts, organizations estimated that they spent an average of 12 hours on the creation of a single contract. With Conga, organizations cut that time down to just 1-2 hours.

Thousands of dollars saved on in-house legal needs

In addition to its workflow capabilities, Conga Contracts also offers a clause library where standard terms and conditions can be stored and easily accessed, reducing the time required for legal teams to draft and approve contracts with standard terms. Forrester’s TEI report estimates a 3-year savings of $437k on in-house legal teams.

Faster contract creation = increased revenue

Streamlining your contract processes with some of the aforementioned functionality can significantly speed up the time it takes from contract generation through contract execution. With Conga Contracts, revenue related to contracts has the potential to increase from a 6% annual growth rate to 14%.

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An implementation partner with Salesforce and Conga expertise

With deep Salesforce implementation expertise and a close partnership with Conga, Silverline is uniquely positioned to help you get up and running with a Conga Salesforce solution. This includes the following:

  • A single contract repository within Salesforce where contracts can easily be uploaded, generated, and searched for
  • Contract templates to allow for quick and easy generation of contracts from within Salesforce
  • Designed and configured workflows to streamline your contract processes from start to finish
  • A clause library where standard terms and conditions can be automatically stored, referenced, and modified
  • The ability to create reports and dashboards to identify contract bottlenecks, the average duration from contract generation to execution, and more
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