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Connected Experiences Playbook for Banks and Credit Unions

SIlverline's Playbook for Digital Transformation in Banking

Leverage Salesforce to build out and execute successful programs 

Often referred to as the golden triangle of business strategy — people, process, and technology —  make up the foundation of any implementation, launch, or digital undertaking. If the three aren’t in agreement, or can’t reach a balance, completing major projects can become a Herculean task.

Organizations tend to underestimate at least one of these key components when purchasing systems, optimizing their business procedures, or training their team. And much like a lever, the system won’t function without all three working together in harmony.

The financial services industry is no exception to this rule. Especially when it comes to digital transformation in banking.

With Salesforce, there’s even more to consider: 

  • Capabilities that extend beyond CRM
  • Out-of-the-box customization
  • An intuitive nature can fundamentally improve experiences

Digital transformation in banking

In order to adapt quickly and remain agile, an organization can’t just buy the latest technology and expect it to drive change. The people and processes matter, too. Only with all three can you receive a return on your technology investments.

Get your copy of our Connected Experiences Playbook for Banks and Credit Unions for the steps, strategies, and solutions that your financial organization can follow to create connected experiences for customers and team members alike.

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