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Plaid and Salesforce Integration

Silverline reduces the friction across your banking and lending processes

Plaid is a technology layer that helps financial organizations authenticate customers’ account information, creating digital banking experiences that are also streamlined and secure.

Particularly, Plaid helps with processes such as account opening, account funding, lending, ongoing transactions, and more.

By integrating Plaid with Salesforce, you can better optimize your banking and lending operations, helping you deliver seamless experiences to your clients.

Plaid and Salesforce Integration

Benefits of integrating Plaid and Salesforce

Tie in Plaid with your other tools and technology

Gathering the required documentation for a new customer or applicant can be a strain, both on clients and on banking and lending associates. Ultimately, Plaid allows you to create a great experience by making it easy for customers to verify who they are and provide their information.

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions typically employ software technology in addition to Salesforce, such as core banking systems, LOS software, etc. Whether you’re using nCino, Cloud Lending from Q2, Encompass, or others, Silverline has the expertise to tie these systems together to fully connect your processes. This way, you can create the optimal experience for your associates, along with your prospects and customers.

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Why choose Silverline?

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience helping financial services firms digitally transform and improve their processes. We have sub-industry experience across banking and lending, insurance, wealth management, and capital markets. Our industry experts often come with first-hand experience in the industries themselves, helping them tailor their recommendations to best practices surrounding your industry and what works best for your unique business needs.

We’re partners with both Salesforce and Plaid, and have integrated these solutions before. In addition, we have partnerships with nCino, Q2, Encompass, and others, and can tie together your technology to deliver a streamlined experience.

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