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Salesforce Mortgage Solutions

Start delivering custom, high-speed service with care

What was once a traditional borrowers’ landscape has transformed into a full-blown digital borrower experience. It’s not sustainable to wait for customers to come to you. With the wealth of options available to them 24/7, you need to stay ahead of the game.

Traditional mortgage firms need to quickly embrace the shift to a digital marketing landscape in order to compete with a growing number of competitors — most notably market disrupting fintech lenders.

But how can you reach out to borrowers in a meaningful way without getting lost in the chatter?

Making the borrower experience more customer-centric is key.

Cumbersome manual processes don’t provide the expected level of customer service that borrowers have come to expect. As consumers, nearly everything is available at the click of a button — their mortgage experience should be the same.

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Benefits of Salesforce mortgage solutions

A seamless borrower experience can make the difference between winning and losing a mortgage customer. Mortgage regulations rule the process, so it’s important to have systems that provide accountability, transparency, and insight into the relationship with the borrower to understand buying behavior, lender interactions, and process-driven timelines.

  • Adopt centralized tools

    Design more effective campaigns, enhance loan officer productivity, and nurture more effective leads.

    When combined with Salesforce mortgage solutions, marketing automation gives companies the tools to oversee prospects who may not yet be ready for hands-on interaction in the pre-buying stage. Use your CRM to understand their needs, and get the most lead-to-loan conversions possible.

Expand the customer footprint

Now that you’ve closed the mortgage loan, grow the relationship. What solutions, in addition to a mortgage, would benefit your customer?

When your team uses data available within Salesforce to provide options for the right complementary products (like a HELOC or a checking account), the customer relationship strengthens, and brand affinity grows.

Not only are increased accounts and products good for the bottom line, they help your sales and marketing teams better understand what traits to look for in an ideal customer. In turn, this allows them to target specific personas in their outreaches.

Salesforce mortgage solutions help facilitate on-demand mobile options for customers.

Embrace AI and analytics with Salesforce for mortgage and lending

With true relationship intelligence, you can capture and visualize up-to-the-moment account information across clients, households, and networks. You can also provide access to essential client information and partner solutions for advisors — all in one place.

Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics helps your team be more dynamic with a marketing suite of tools that enable proper account nurture. Einstein also provides cues for Next Best Actions based on collected information and common use cases. This solution helps agents to know what to propose next to the customer, creating streamlined customer journeys, with products based on a customer’s personal and business preferences.

These tools empower loan officers by enhancing — and in some cases even replacing — follow-up touch points with prospects. This provides the loan officer more time to focus on high-touch, high-return activities. Automated journeys can also enhance the borrower’s experience by helping them through the often daunting process of purchasing a home. Effectively integrating marketing automation into the loan process can help create more happy homeowners and successful loan officers.

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Mortgage lending integrations

Connect your data to improve your processes and create better mortgage lending experiences.

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