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Foundation for Revenue Recapture

A bundled solution to revenue recovery for providers.

Right now, it’s important that the healthcare industry continues to address current challenges head-on, while preparing their workforce for the next phase of normal as consumers and patients start to reschedule postponed procedures and appointments. New solutions can’t act as quick fixes. Taking the time now to build out a new foundation based on a 360 degree view of your patients will ensure that you are better prepared for the next public health crisis, while also operating in a new model of care.


In order to address the financial impact of COVID-19 procedure cancellations, this solution leverages Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud for patient engagement.

What now?

Building a foundation to help sustain the healthcare industry in good times and in crisis is no easy task. Hospitals and providers need to have the right tools and the right partner to help implement new processes — and to understand the nuances of industry requirements. 

The path to hospital revenue recovery is a bumpy one, but technology can help. As the climate changes from spikes to plateaus and spikes again, providers should be building foundations that can support:

  • Building confidence, trust, safety, and maintaining a positive patient experience 
  • Communicating new safety protocols, guidelines, and requirements 
  • Redirecting patients to Virtual Care and Self Service Portals 
  • Rescheduling appointments for care that was delayed or cancelled
  • Reactivating demand and revenue

Rescheduling Elective Procedures

Elective procedures drive revenue that increases financial security for many hospitals, so elective procedure deferral can be a big hit. Scheduling patient procedures can be challenging enough and rescheduling even more so for patients and providers alike. While printing out a list of cancelled appointments and calling one by one seems like the quick and easy solution, but it’s important to keep the patient experience in mind. 

It is critical that agents are supported and guided through the rescheduling process while maintaining a focus on quality care. A connected platform will allow you to make decisions based on timing, state regulations, and internal capacity without sacrificing the satisfaction of your loyal patients. In addition, you’ll be able to select and prioritize the most critical procedures first, keeping your patient’s health at the forefront.

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Campaign Management

With internal capacity and safety in mind, the time to lean on technology is now. Salesforce, powered by Cerner, can help you identify appointments cancelled due to COVID-19 and prioritize them for automated outreach regardless of where you are in the recovery stage. 

A Combination of Salesforces’s Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud allows you to go beyond the reach of your staff with an automated, omnichannel, and scalable solution. Omnichannel capabilities will also allow you to reach patients in their preferred form of communication, improving the patient experience and increasing the likelihood of reaching them effectively.

Whether you are driving patients to virtual care and self self service portals, encouraging patients to reschedule, keeping them up to date on reopening timelines, or simply showcasing your Covid-19 related care guidelines — Marketing Cloud can support your outreach strategy at scale. 

A senior female patient sitting on a consulting bed and listening to a young female doctor standing next to her.

Beyond the pandemic: Health Recovery

It’s important that your solution not only functions in the short-term, but also serves as a strong foundation for future innovation and growth. While this solution brings “revenue” back into healthcare organizations it also sets the foundation for health recovery.  Silverline’s Revenue Recapture bundle stands up the technology and tools needed to effectively recover in the short term while also preparing you for the next step in building a health recovery strategy. Most importantly, this accelerates your path to improved patient experience and satisfaction. Find out how this solution sets you on the right path to increased patient engagement.


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Path to Revenue Recovery and beyond

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