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Gaps in Care

A bundled solution addressing clinical gaps in care.


From outdated technologies to public health crises or regional social determinants — gaps in care occur for any number of reasons. No matter the reason, getting patients to comply with standard protocols of care is paramount to managing their care.

As healthcare workers treat new and growing emergencies, while simultaneously working to update legacy systems, it can be difficult to stay on top of existing patients’ health status. Especially if patients themselves aren’t proactive. Recurring appointments for health and wellness can be postponed or cancelled, and if no followup occurs to reschedule, this creates or further extends clinical gaps in care.

Happy doctor talking to senior male patient while being in a home visit.

Shifting focus from revenue to health

At Silverline, we know that health recovery isn’t just a focus on returning to a steady state — both for patient wellness and hospital financials. It is about foundationally adjusting the way in which patients and consumers, along with all providers and organizations, interact moving forward. 

How can your organization leverage its data to re-engage with patients and identify the next best actions that help close gaps in care?

The manner, mode, and channel in which we engage with, or as, patients is changing. Virtual is becoming the norm. Home or remote models of care are rapidly on the way to becoming a new standard. While these new standards of care can help bring revenue to healthcare organizations — more importantly, they surface the need for consumers and patients to improve how they communicate and address health concerns. 

Identifying and addressing care gaps

While times have changed, the challenges with addressing gaps in care have primarily stayed the same. Providers continue to struggle with identifying a potential gap, confirming it exists, engaging the patient, and finally following up to make sure the gap is closed. 

So how do we do better? One approach that’s been especially successful involves customers who use Cerner’s HealtheIntent application and its CRM corollary HealtheCRM™.

Combining Cerner data and insights platform, HealtheIntent®, with the Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud technology enhances consumer and provider engagement for health care organizations by:

  • identifying gaps in care from a care management standpoint to better close gaps from a disease 
  • sending targeted campaigns focused on re-engaging patients to improve their care and close the gaps
  • driving new revenue while improving the health of the population you serve

These components provide the framework for identifying care gaps for patients, creating actionable records in Health Cloud, and automating engagement to close the care gap. 

young doctor with stethoscope looking at senior woman using laptop in hospital bed

Since every healthcare organization is unique, the Gaps in Care bundle can be configured to meet specific care gap management needs and process flows. 

Of course, for customers that are not HealtheIntent customers, there are similar strategies to achieve comparable results by maintaining a focus on your core data in  Salesforce Health Cloud, and proper Marketing Cloud journey execution. 

Team of doctors and business people talking on a meeting at doctor's office.

A deep dive into digital transformation

Knowing where to start isn’t always simple, especially as needs and priorities continue to change. For clients that want more guidance, Silverline can deliver a Digital Transformation engagement that maps existing workflows and processes to the core functionality and use cases supported by the Gaps in Care bundle. 

This work includes user experience analysis conducted over the course of several days, featuring:

  • User personas: 2-3 identified user archetypes
  • Incorporation of up to 2 user stories into an implementation plan for your Gaps in Care bundle
  • Analysis of your current processes as they relate to gaps in care
  • Documentation of high-level, strategic changes to workflows to optimize gaps in care use cases

If you’d like this and then some, Silverline offers a more robust advisory services engagement. 

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