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Epic EHR Salesforce Integration

Connect Epic with Salesforce and improve the patient experience

Epic is a healthcare software vendor and the most popular EHR provider by market share in the US. Its systems help healthcare providers track patient data, schedule appointments, manage payments, handle population health management, and more.

With an Epic EHR Salesforce integration, your healthcare organization can leverage the engagement capabilities of Salesforce along with the core patient data and other functions of Epic EHR, allowing you to engage with patients more effectively, improve the patient experience, and drive better health outcomes.

Epic EHR Salesforce Integration

Benefits of integrating Epic EHR and Salesforce

Connect your Epic EHR system with Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more to bridge the gap between clinical data and patient engagement, gaining a unified patient profile that allows for greater business efficiency.


    Build a single source of truth around prospects and patients, with easy access to clinical, demographic, and other patient information, along with a history of their engagement with your organization.


    Optimize your processes by syncing relevant information across systems — allowing users to avoid application-switching, reducing manual data entry, and decreasing the risk of errors.


    Leverage patient data to personalize interactions and provide relevant information during and after specific health journeys. Conduct marketing outreach based on population segments to drive appointments for prevention screenings and more.


    Expose relevant patient information from Epic in CTI pop-ups in Salesforce when a patient calls in. Show different fields based on the type of call, enabling team members to ask the right questions and proactively set appointments with patients for relevant check-ups.


    Use Einstein’s predictive analytics to capture potential loopholes that can’t be caught from an EHR system alone. Apply Tableau’s insights to determine where to strategically focus your marketing efforts to track referrals, measure ROI on campaigns, and much more.

Integrate with a trusted strategic partner

Mphasis Silverline’s Managed Services team provides skill sets that operate across an ecosystem of solutions. We come in as a strategic partner focused on evolving your solution, and understand how different applications, components, and solutions knit together to provide comprehensive platform solutions. You’ll see quicker time to value using a tried and trusted partner and avoid the increased costs of self-implementation that can emerge when dealing with complex configurations and business requirements.

Beyond the immediate client team sit hundreds of Silverliners with a wide diversity of experience that can be used on an as-needed basis to provide consultation, solution design, and subject matter expertise. No single resource or role could provide this kind of flexibility and impact.

Why choose Mphasis Silverline?

Mphasis Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience helping healthcare organizations transform their patient experiences. With our healthcare practice, our consultants specialize in the healthcare industry and many come with a first-hand background working for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

We’ve integrated Epic EHR and Salesforce before, and have experience doing this for a variety of EHR systems for providers. With our healthcare and technology expertise, we’ll make sure your Epic EHR Salesforce integration fits the best practices in your industry and also meets your unique needs.

We're ready to help.

Learn more about how Mphasis Silverline can help you integrate Epic EHR and Salesforce.

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