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Happy 10th Birthday to the AppExchange!

By Maggie Rupel 01.14.16

Silverline’s relationship with the AppExchange started six years ago when we launched our flagship product, CalendarAnything. We had completed multiple services projects that required custom calendar development and recognized that the greater Salesforce community was in need of a tool that would allow users to create robust calendars from any Salesforce object. Thanks to the AppExchange we were able to package our solution into an app, CalendarAnything, and extend that functionality to any Salesforce organization.

Since 2010 Silverline has launched two more apps: Visual Relationship Mapping, a tool that allows users to map the relationship between leads, accounts, contacts and users; and The WaterCooler, a social intranet application that transforms the ways companies communicate internally! Today, CalendarAnything continues to be our best-selling app with over 100,000 Salesforce users leveraging CalendarAnything to view their data on an intuitive calendar interface.

To celebrate the AppExchange’s 10th birthday we are offering a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who installs our free 15-day trial of CalendarAnything. If you decide to join the CalendarAnything family we’ll give you free licenses for 10 weeks. To claim your gift, visit us on the AppExchange and click “Get It Now” to get started.

One of the things we love most about the AppExchange is the fact that the Salesforce community can voice their opinion about apps. Below are some highlights from our 75+ reviews of CalendarAnything!

“Without CalendarAnything, I had spreadsheets, events, project plans, time tracking and project calendars in different places. Now I can see everything in one view and can make informed decisions about where my resources are. I’d be lost without it!” – Alana B.

“I love this app. It can be used in so many places across your business. There are some specific calendar apps out there for a similar price, but they don’t offer nearly as much as this tool. We use this for lots of custom objects. And I am just starting to use this to present to our executive team to show them project timelines because they want a visual representation of the projects, not just seeing a start and end date. LOVE IT!” – Natalie G.

I have a need to display multiple sessions on my calendar hosted by different session leaders for our Certification Study Group on Success Community. CalendarAnything allowed me to create calendars for each session leader and color code based on the type of session that they are leading. Fantastic app for flexible calendaring. – Deepa P.

“CalendarAnything is an incredibly powerful visualization tool. I love to use the Gantt Chart view to check-in on our various projects. Thanks to CalendarAnything, I no longer have to dig through lists of dates to see how projects are running.” – Jeff P.

This app saved me hours and hours of development work, and I was shocked at how easy it was to use and how customizable it is. The color coding alone is a huge boon because Salesforce doesn’t let you customize colors (and you may be surprised how many of my clients request it). At this price point, I could subscribe for years and still not make a dent in what it would cost me to build it from scratch. Thanks so much for making an awesome product! – Marina M.

The celebration continues through the end of January. Click here to receive your CalendarAnything gift!

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