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Silverline’s Remote Workers Celebrate Earth Day!

By Amanda Mandell 04.22.18

Did you know that 48 years ago, the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970?  20 million Americans from all walks of life participated and it is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. Now, Earth Day is a global, yearly event that is celebrated by more than 1 billion people from 192 countries.  

Earth Day Network, the organization that leads Earth Day worldwide, has made this year’s theme to focus on mobilizing the world to End Plastic Pollution.

Last year we added nearly 100 new employees to the Silverline Family! Since Silverline offers an eco-friendly work from home option, our remote numbers are larger than ever. We decided to check in on our Silverline Satellites (what we fondly call our remote workforce) and see what they have been doing to stay eco-friendly and green in honor of this year’s Earth Day.

I was really excited to hear some of the ways our Satellites are staying green and supporting this year’s Earth Day’s mission, check it out:

  • “I think just by being a remote employee we are being greener in that we aren’t commuting. Additionally, at home I use much less of the bottled/packages drinks and food that I may use when in the office. Although I can’t resist a La Croix or two.”
  • “We’ve stopped using plastic produce bags, straws, and sandwich bags.”
  • “After my run every morning I do a .7 to 1 mile cool down lap and use one of the leftover grocery/doggie bags to pick up trash. Since my wife and I both work from home we’ve reduced plastic water bottle usage by about 85%. We recycle everything we possibly can.”
  • “Sometimes I stay in my PJs all day which reduces the amount of soap and chemicals entering our fragile aquifer… I’m no hero, just doing my part!”
  • “Whenever I travel anywhere, I always bring a water bottle. I will stop at a convenience store and buy a gallon of water and use my water bottle and refill it where I can. Or if I know the hotel or wherever has a water fountain (like in their gym),I fill it up there rather than buying the gallon. I really do not like to have to drink individual bottles of water, it’s such a waste in my opinion, and I drink a ton of water.”
  • “I switched all of my bills to paper-less a few months ago!”
  • “I eat a plant-based diet and will continue to. Emissions from animal farming are 55% of environmental pollution. If 4% of the world did the same it would have more impact than eliminating every car on the planet.”
  • “I have smart lights on auto-timers (since I know that I will not remember to turn them off myself), and I can also turn them off if I run out the door too fast and want to turn them off from far away. “
  • “I have solar panels on my roof!”
  • “I use a Braun electric razor, which has a cleaning unit I use after each shave. The refills for the unit are non-recyclable plastic containers, which put me off quite a bit. I did some research and found a recipe for a comparable cleaning solution.  Now, I no longer purchase the refills, but use a couple of old containers and fill with my homemade concoction so I can keep the plastic out of the landfill!”

We hope everyone has a happy Earth Day 2018 and takes away some tips to say green!

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