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Get to Know the Trailblazers for Insurance Community Group

By Danielle Laffey 07.22.19

On the tails of the exciting launch of FSC for Insurance this spring, Alexis Kuhne (MedPro Group) and I decided to revive a dormant insurance community group of over 1,000 globally.

Why? To create a collaborative forum for people exploring how to blaze new trails in the insurance vertical. The Trailblazers for Insurance Community Group is geared toward all those hungry to learn how to make the consumer, agent, and policy admin experience better in the insurance world.

Creating a better user experience

In the world of instant gratification brought to consumers with innovations from companies such as Google and Amazon, user experience matters now more than ever. Traditional financial services and health care companies are now forced to comply with the high demands of both the consumer and their workforce. But regulations, compliance, and legacy systems have hindered the ability to deliver the amazing experience everyone is craving.

The future of insurance technology using Salesforce as part of the enterprise platform is bright and just beginning! I’m thrilled to lend my experience and expertise to create a safe place where these companies can share ideas, best practices, and success stories.

The importance of vibrant community groups

Why do I care? In short, community groups rock! And I owe my career (and a lot of friends along the way) to them.

In 2007, I started the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group after becoming an “accidental admin.” It was the fifth Salesforce user group in existence globally, and I knew zero things about Salesforce. Over the years, I cultivated and watched that community of people grow into a thriving network of trailblazers. We support each other, push each other, and ultimately make better solutions for our companies, along with catapulting our own career paths.

My hope for the Trailblazers for Insurance Community Group is to do the same on a national level for the insurance vertical. I truly believe we are better together, and I’m thrilled that customers and partners are now sharing success stories and innovating to turn a fragmented, high-effort experience into a seamless happy path for the end user.

Being better together starts with leaders, and that’s how Alexis and I became co-leaders together. She was my client! We both see the gap of support for this portion of the ecosystem and just want to make a difference.

So, we’re doing something about it!

A bright future for the Trailblazers for Insurance Community Group

We have an exciting year planned, including guest speakers, a Circle of Success, and lots of networking opportunities! Be sure to join the Trailblazer Community to learn of all our upcoming events. Got questions? We look forward to sharing best practices and roadmaps in our chatter group.

Can’t wait to talk to you all July 30 for our kickoff event, including guest speaker Kelly Utley, Senior Director of Product Management at Salesforce.

Reach out with your best and brightest ideas

Want to hear more about a specific topic or have a cool story of your own you’d like to share? We are all ears! Email me, tweet me, message me. My info is below:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @daniellelaffey


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