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Why You Should Join the Salesforce Girly Geeks

By Silverline Team 02.25.15

Girly Geek

Geraldine Gray founded the Salesforce Girly Geeks in 2010 when she realized women needed a way to connect with each other at Dreamforce. Since then, over 30 Girly Geeks chapters have formed around the world. The groups have become a place to find career advice, job opportunities, Salesforce tips, and friendship throughout the year. They are “a powerhouse network of female Salesforce intelligence.”

Girly Geeks Chapters foster a welcoming environment for women to drive change. One of the immediate goals of the Girly Geeks NYC Chapter is to highlight organizations that offer equal benefits for women and men and make the community aware of companies that aren’t equal.

Girly Geeks isn’t just for women. Men are also encouraged to attend events and join the conversations. Check out some of the topics discussed at the recent Girly Geeks meeting at Silverline.

  • What do women want in the workplace? From salary to flexible hours what items are most important to you and how can you find a company that offers them? All were in agreement that a salary equal to what there male counterparts were being paid was extremely important.
  • How surveys can bring awareness to salary inequalities that still exists between men and women holding the same positions. The group talked about a survey the Salesforce NYC User Group held last year and the discrepancy between the salaries of female and male Salesforce Admins. Bringing awareness to the issue is a first towards change.
  • The importance of advocating for yourself and your career. Girly Geeks want to empower women to speak up and talk about their accomplishments. As a follow-up, the group plans to schedule career coaching sessions.
  • The He for She Campaign and the value of getting men involved in the conversation about women’s rights and experiences in the workforce. Men are encouraged to advocate for Girly Geeks everywhere!
  • How to get women who are not interested in technology, interested. This is an initiative the Girly Geeks of NYC have been working on. They recently taught Salesforce basics to a group of women at the Grace Institute, a organization that helps underserved women in the area. They hope this outreach will inspire more women to become Salesforce Admins.
  • The perception of women in the workplace. The group discussed how men and women are perceived differently, even when their behaviors are the same. The general agreement was that women who were firm with employees were seen as “harsh” whereas men who were firm with employees were seen as “strong leaders.” The group agreed that resolving this issue will take time, but talking about these biases is a step towards change.
  • The value of Linkedin and Glassdoor. Everyone was encouraged to leave reviews and share experiences on these sites to praise companies and interview processes that value gender equality and bring attention to those who don’t.

Ready to join a Salesforce Girly Geeks Chapter? Click here to become a member of the Community.

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