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Salesforce’s Summer ’23 Release Brings Blockbuster Updates (Feat. Evan Eichert)

Hot pants, cool shades, half-day Fridays — summer is here, and with it comes the Salesforce Summer ’23 Salesforce Release! Evan Eichert, Enterprise Architect at CSC Leasing, joins Elliott to share his insights into the exciting additions and surprising omissions (still no auto-refreshing dashboards?!) in the latest Salesforce release. Plus: how ChatGPT will be a boon for smaller organizations.

Episode 22 Highlights

Improved tracking abilities to the Send Email Flow Core Action, which now support Lightening Email templates

The long saga of profiles and field-level security set by permission sets and permission set groups

How Evan uses ChatGPT within Salesforce to create and troubleshoot formulas

Hosts and Guests

  • Elliott Spence

    Principal Consultant, Silverline

    Elliott Spence is a Solution Architect at Silverline with eight years of experience designing and implementing Salesforce Solutions. Prior to Silverline, Elliott was a Senior Digital Product manager with First Financial Bank, where he grew the Salesforce practice to over 1,600 users and led the Salesforce implementations to Marketing, Customer Service, Retail Bank, and Mortgage. 

  • Evan Eichert

    Senior Solution Architect, Stitch Consulting

    Evan Eichert is an accomplished and team-focused Salesforce Solution Architect with a consultative approach to the discovery, design, and development of customized solutions. He is proficient in translating complex business cases into easy-to-understand workflows and diagrams that clearly communicate how a solution would benefit stakeholders.

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