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Putting Sales Effectiveness First (Feat. Ryan Johnson)

“It’s not what Salesforce can do,” points out Chief Customer Officer at Monit, Ryan Johnson. “It’s what we can do.” This week, Johnson gets into the nitty-gritty of why it’s more important to frame conversations with leaders about Salesforce around sales effectiveness and sales enablement rather than the platform itself. Then, the gang discusses the importance of establishing KPIs and integrating them into the transformation process early on.   


Episode 26 Highlights

How Salesforce enabled Ryan and his team at American Express to think out, design, review, build, and go live with new, effective processes within a matter of weeks — even days

Ryan’s top initiatives for 2023, including driving better conversations with small business owners and bankers

Why, in most cases, it doesn’t make sense to buy a CRM if you’re only going to use it to keep up current processes

Hosts and Guests

  • JP Owens

    Managing Director, Banking and Lending, Silverline

    JP Owens partners with banks and credit unions to help them identify new ways to leverage technology solutions that drive transformation, growth, and measurable ROI. JP formerly served as the Director of Digital Product Experience at First Financial Bank, where he led multiple functional teams within the Digital organization and was responsible for vision, delivery, and execution across Digital channels.

  • Elliott Spence

    Principal Consultant, Silverline

    Elliott Spence is a Solution Architect at Silverline with eight years of experience designing and implementing Salesforce Solutions. Prior to Silverline, Elliott was a Senior Digital Product manager with First Financial Bank, where he grew the Salesforce practice to over 1,600 users and led the Salesforce implementations to Marketing, Customer Service, Retail Bank, and Mortgage. 

  • Ryan Johnson

    Chief Customer Officer, Monit

    Ryan Johnson is the Chief Customer Officer at Monit, a digital intelligence platform that helps SMBs better manage and anticipate their cashflow and working capital needs while helping banks build deeper relationships with their clients. Prior to Monit, Ryan spent over seven years at City National Bank as the SVP of Corporate Strategy, was part of EY’s Customer Practice, and had a variety of roles at American Express, including their Salesforce program.


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