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Getting the Most Out of Native Functionality (Feat. KC Barnett)

Going to Dreamforce this year? Make sure to check out Elliott’s Dreamforce presentation debut! He’ll be covering best practices for running and perfecting demos as part of the Admin series. In the meantime, Solutions Architect and Specialty Manager of Marketing Automation at Silverline Tanner Mueller joins us again, this time to chat with first-time guest and Salesforce Administrator at Five Star Bank, KC Barnett, about how Admins can fall into the habit of assuming end-users speak fluent Salesforce. Also: the lowdown on Buffalo, NY’s chicken wings. 

Episode 27 Highlights

How KC’s prior in-the-field experience as a sale representative made him a better admin and architect, like not getting lost in the woods of creating elegant designs that lack real world functionality

Differences between utilizing CRM for small-team operations versus using it to coordinate the efforts of multiple teams across departments

The importance of building and maintaining a knowledge center for end users to keep up to date with training

Hosts and Guests

  • JP Owens

    Managing Director, Banking and Lending, Silverline

    JP Owens partners with banks and credit unions to help them identify new ways to leverage technology solutions that drive transformation, growth, and measurable ROI. JP formerly served as the Director of Digital Product Experience at First Financial Bank, where he led multiple functional teams within the Digital organization and was responsible for vision, delivery, and execution across Digital channels.

  • Elliott Spence

    Principal Consultant, Silverline

    Elliott Spence has eight years of experience designing and implementing Salesforce Solutions. Prior to Silverline, Elliott was a Senior Digital Product manager with First Financial Bank, where he grew the Salesforce practice to over 1,600 users and led the Salesforce implementations to Marketing, Customer Service, Retail Bank, and Mortgage. 

  • Tanner Mueller

    Tanner Mueller

    Specialty Manager, Marketing Automation, Silverline

    Tanner Mueller uses his unique background in data, marketing, and technology to aid organizations in better understanding their customers. He has more than 18 years of banking and marketing experience, focused on creating marketing efficiency, customer data and insights, process automation, and innovation.

  • KC Barnett

    Salesforce Administrator, Five Star Bank

    KC Barnett has been with Five Star for two years and was a key stakeholder in Five Star’s evaluation and implementation of Salesforce. Before Five Star Bank, KC worked as a Salesforce Administrator at PostProcess Technologies and was a Territory Account Manager at Ivoclar.


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