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From Branch Manager to Salesforce Solution Architect (Feat. Evan Eichert)

JP chats with Evan Eichert about his career path from a bank branch manager to a Solution Architect at Stitch Consulting.

Evan and JP met when Evan was an end user for one of JP’s first major Salesforce initiatives. Evan quickly progressed into a management position leading a centralized sales team powered by Salesforce, to a Salesforce Admin, and eventually a Salesforce Solution Architect.

Evan shares the importance of having good leadership to set you up for Salesforce success, his favorite part of his role and finding solutions to pain points, and why organizations should put people first, then processes, and then technology. 

Episode 3 Highlights

How Evan shifted his thinking from the why to the how for CRM systems

Why banks should make the Salesforce product match the culture rather than vice versa

Evan shares his favorite Salesforce application for getting visibility into customer feedback and complaints

Hosts and Guests

  • JP Owens

    Managing Director, Banking and Lending, Silverline

    JP Owens partners with banks and credit unions to help them identify new ways to leverage technology solutions that drive transformation, growth, and measurable ROI. JP formerly served as the Director of Digital Product Experience at First Financial Bank, where he led multiple functional teams within the Digital organization and was responsible for vision, delivery, and execution across Digital channels.

  • Evan Eichert

    Senior Solution Architect, Stitch Consulting

    Evan Eichert is an accomplished and team-focused Salesforce Solution Architect with a consultative approach to the discovery, design, and development of customized solutions. He is proficient in translating complex business cases into easy-to-understand workflows and diagrams that clearly communicate how a solution would benefit stakeholders.

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