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Slack-First Customer 360

Utilize Slack-First to revolutionize your business

Salesforce Slack-First offers unparalleled collaboration, orchestration, and clarity across sales, service, and marketing that produces account-centric experiences for their customers. In a world more accustomed to remote-optional environments, leveraging Salesforce Slack-first from anywhere, anytime allows for seamless and timely communication.

Utilize the power of Salesforce with Slack-first to alert users or teams (via channels) of updates relevant to them. By building workflows within Salesforce and Slack, you only involve a team member when and if needed at any key moment. This increased efficiency leads to an actual Slack-first experience where users can leverage Slack as their communication layer and for lighter activities and navigate to Salesforce when more complex activities are involved.

Salesforce Slack-first

Complete Internal Collaboration with Slack

Slack-First allows organizations to build communication workflows to fit their needs by leveraging existing technologies and processes.

Improve workflows for potential sales opportunities by prompting users and adding new deal rooms when a deal reaches a predetermined stage. Slack-First provides an organizational community to communicate not only an impending sales opportunity but train new employees, hold virtual town halls, discuss job candidates, announce software updates, share sales commissions, and celebrate wins.

Slack integrates with over 2000 technologies, including Seismic, Guru, Giphy, Hoopla, Troops, Xactly, Highspots, Workday, Zendesk, JIRA, Blaze, and Productboard. Share technology updates and changes through custom tables to those affected by those changes. 

Slack-first example groups

Multiplayer Experience Supported by Workflows and Integration

Multiplayer Experience Supported by Workflows and Integration

Empower your Sales team with Slack-First

With improved collaboration and decreased friction from Salesforce Slack-First, sales can focus on and succeed in what matters, like winning more deals, driving more revenue, and improving customer retention. Slack-First helps sales:

Let Silverline help with Slack-First

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner and Slack partner with over a decade of experience serving the right combination of people, processes, consulting, and change management for your organization. From strategic planning to implementation and ongoing support, we can guide you through every phase of your journey. In addition, Silverline provides a scalable and economical solution without the need to hire dedicated employees.

Silverline is an official Slack-first launch partner and long-time Slack user internally. We know how Slack can help with communication and have first-hand experience using both Slack and Salesforce.

We can transform your business with custom capabilities and help you connect with customers, partners, and employees through every aspect of your Salesforce implementation — so you can achieve the maximum benefit from your investment in the platform.

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