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Silverline's Tableau CRM Webinar Series

Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau in 2018 sent a clear message to the market about the importance of data exploration and visualization. Today we’re seeing Banks and Credit Unions leverage Tableau CRM to gain insights into market coverage, industry trends, and crucial performance indicators. Watch Silverline’s three-part webinar series that will help you understand how to bring your data to life, provide real-world demos of deployment, and best practices for future success.

Tableau CRM: What is it good for?

The first webinar in our three-part Tableau CRM series focuses on the basics: what is Tableau CRM and why do you need it? We walk through what you need to begin your analytics journey. Hear from Tony Stegeman, Senior Data Analysis Manager and Small Business Banking at Capital One on how he uses Tableau CRM and the value it provides. The webinar will feature a real-world use case of a Tableau CRM dashboard which will be built throughout the series!

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Tableau CRM: Getting Started with Data Sets

You understand the basics, you have your licenses, but how do you get started? The second webinar in our Tableau CRM series focuses on the data sets you need to start telling your story. We share expertise for preparing your Salesforce and external data, identifying use cases, and how to build lenses and dashboards based on those datasets.

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Tableau CRM: Building your Executive Dashboard

Your data is ready, now it’s time to discover the story your data has to tell. Join the third installment of our webinar series to learn how to create your Banking Executive Dashboard with Tableau CRM on July 29th. We’ll take a deep dive into best practices around your data visualization, how to enable this visibility to influence data-driven strategy, and how it can lead to a deeper understanding of your customers.

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