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WFH Series: 4 Strategies to Enable Secure & Compliant Remote Work

Financial Services firms work tirelessly to earn and protect their clients’ trust. While COVID-19 has upended operations of so many of the firms with which Silverline works, one of the most frequent conversations we’re having with clients is about Security & Compliance implications given the current rapid expansion of a newly remote workforce. How do InfoSec, Legal, and Compliance executives adapt their Security & Compliance policies to enable a remote workforce and ensure client trust? Where are the risks, and where are the major opportunities? Hear from Security & Compliance experts from RevCult and Silverline as they share 4 major strategies to enable secure digital operations.


  • JP Owens,  Director, Banking & Lending at Silverline
  • Jill Harrison, Vice President, Silverline Ventures
  • Pete Thurston, Chief Product & Solutions Officer at RevCult
  • Rob Burkett, Director, Banking & Lending Solutions at Silverline


Security Risk Assessment Checklist: Download this checklist for a guide through 5 critical steps to assess whether your Salesforce security controls are configured to adequately safeguard your data. Learn where you’re at risk, and start prioritizing opportunities to harden your security posture.

Secure Your Apps with Salesforce Shield Trailmix: Learn how to establish governance and enforce compliance policies in your org with this powerful set of services.

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