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Silverline is headquartered in New York City with offices located in Chicago, Orlando, Omaha, and Minneapolis, and consultants throughout North America. We focus exclusively on the end-to-end implementation of Salesforce products and powerful third party apps.

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A team of innovators.

We are more than just Salesforce consultants. We innovate our clients' businesses through Salesforce consulting and support services, robust industry accelerators, power AppExchange apps, and Lightning components.

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A team of Salesforce Solutions Innovators
Silverline Allies

Silverline Allies

Silverliners continually strive to make Silverline a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. Silverline's Diversity and Inclusion program was created by a group of over 40 volunteer Silverliners who came together for the betterment of the organization. By embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace for all employees, Silverline has a broad perspective informed by personal experiences of employees across various backgrounds. The group focuses on four areas: education & awareness, recruiting & hiring, coaching & mentor-ship, and career development.

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Silverline's Core Values

At Silverline, we pride ourselves on striving for an unparalleled Employee Experience. We are a tight-knit team made up of the best and brightest people in the Salesforce ecosystem. No really, we are! We are proud to reinforce our culture by highlighting some of the values that are most import to us. At Silverline, we…

  • Celebrate each other.
  • Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • Operate on trust and transparency.
  • Have the courage to challenge.
  • Are always learning.
  • Try to have fun.
  • Are better together.

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Silverline Core Values

Multiple U.S. Offices

In addition to our HQ in NYC and our remote workforce, Silverline has hubs in Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Minneapolis, and Omaha. That means coworking spaces and the chance to get together and bond over local activities. Whether located near a large regional Salesforce office or in close proximity to industry giants and startups alike, each hub brings something special to Silverline. From the cold, bold north of Minnesota to the tropical sunshine of Florida, there’s a place (and a climate) for everyone.

Silverline India

We’ve gone global! A growing group of strategic and technical Silverliners are based in Bangalore, where their passion for problem solving helps build creative solutions for our clients. Situated in India’s tech capital, our overseas team embodies our core values and brings an important perspective to Silverline’s work. The Bangalore office is an integral part of our organization, and we’re proud to have established an international presence there.

Meet the Executive Team

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Gireesh Sonnad


Gireesh sets the corporate vision and mission for Silverline. He is a technology leader and cloud solutions expert with proven abilities to execute and achieve business goals.
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Rich Resnick


Rich is the driving force behind Silverline's explosive growth, and enjoys building and maintaining relationships with Silverline's key clients.
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Kai Yu Hsiung

Chief Growth Officer

Kai leads Silverline's growth strategy by deploying go-to-market tactics that leverage the firm's marketing, alliances, and business development resources.
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Melissa Nelson

Chief Value Officer

Melissa is strategically focused on how the solutions we produce drive the highest impact for our clients. She is concentrated on driving sales, profitability, and revenue, while maximizing the value of our clients’ investments.
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Ben Golden

Chief Financial Officer

Ben oversees the company′s financial planning and reporting, accounting, tax functions, and Operations and Administration teams.
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Lisa Dallenbach

Chief People Officer

Lisa drives Silverline’s long and short-term employee experience vision, ensuring alignment of talent and business strategies while supporting our Silverline teams.
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Jeff Radtke

Chief Delivery Officer

Jeff leads deployment and implementation processes across Silverline’s global delivery teams, partnering with clients to ensure the highest level of service and overall client satisfaction.
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