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ACCELQ Salesforce Solution

Automate early and reduce defects getting to UAT or production

ACCELQ brings automated test design, development, planning, and tracking capabilities, all wrapped in a powerful cloud-based platform that doesn’t require programming skills. Automate testing with the help of an ACCELQ and Salesforce implementation by combining ACCELQ’s automation capabilities with Salesforce’s CRM capabilities.

ACCELQ Salesforce

Benefits of implementing ACCELQ with Salesforce

Using ACCELQ’s framework, organizations can expect:

Deciphering DevSecOps for Salesforce Teams

As DevOps becomes more familiar to the Salesforce ecosystem, some teams are beginning to wonder about DevSecOps — a concept that has been trending in the wider world of software development. DevSecOps emphasizes the need to make sure security isn’t ignored when bringing together the people, processes, and tools for development and operations, helping organizations innovate faster and release more often.

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Why Choose Silverline?

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience helping organizations in the financial services, media and entertainment, and healthcare industries, digitally transform and improve their processes. Our industry experts often come with first-hand experience in the industries themselves, helping them tailor their recommendations to best practices surrounding your industry and what works best for your unique business needs. We’ve implemented ACCELQ with Salesforce before, and can help you find the best solution for your business.

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