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A Day in the Life: Chelsea A. Peterson

By 07.12.17 Chelsea A. Peterson
Reading time: 3 minutes

Job Title: Executive Assistant

Start Date: March 2017

Fun Fact: I came to Silverline through an assistant swap! More on that later…

What is your position at Silverline and what do you do?

I am Executive Assistant (EA) to Rich and Gireesh, our co-founders. This means I play organizational Tetris – arranging schedules and corresponding with a myriad of people to ensure Rich and Gireesh are maximizing their productivity while aligning with our clients, our consultants, and one another.

What does your average day look like?

Each day is like a puzzle – there are a lot of moving pieces involved in being an EA, and I have to maneuver them so that everything falls into place as it should. Meaning there really is no typical day! I could be answering a trove of emails, running errands, booking travel arrangements, event planning, or a host of other things. It really is a little bit of everything, all while being a professional gatekeeper.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?

Having lived in San Francisco for nearly four years, I was ready for a change. I left my previous company intent on switching coasts. The previous EA here at Silverline took my position at my company in SF, and I met with him to go over the particulars of the job. Upon meeting him, I learned about Silverline and was immediately intrigued. I asked if his role had been filled and to my delight, it hadn’t yet. I met Rich and Gireesh later that same day (during a blizzard, no less), and about a week later, I was offered the job, and two weeks after that I moved to NYC! It was a whirlwind and I couldn’t have made a better choice!

What motivates you at work?

The people, unequivocally. Everyone at Silverline is very encouraging and appreciative of one another, in a way I have never seen at any company I’ve worked for in the past. It’s really uplifting to be in such a positive environment every day. Not to mention that I can genuinely call many of these wonderful folks friends!

What do you like most about your work?

It’s never boring! Every day is something different.

What are some challenges you face?

Constantly changing itineraries! As with most executives, Rich and Gireesh’s schedules are constantly evolving. It falls to me to ensure that it all works out, and I love that challenge.

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline?

I’ve learned a lot more about Salesforce reporting, that’s for sure. I’d used Salesforce at two of my previous companies but had only really skimmed the surface of its possibilities. Now I’m in it every day and working on my Admin cert via Trailhead.

What do you think makes Silverline a successful company?

We are helmed by two men who really put a premium on workplace culture and employee engagement, and in so doing have cultivated an organization of great talent and dedication. This really drives us all forward and helps us offer the highest quality to our clients and partners.

What is your favorite perk?

I mean, in office wine tastings are never frowned upon! Especially since they’re curated by Rich, who is certainly a vino aficionado. And let’s be honest, any time there’s rosé, I’m there!

What is your favorite memory?

My first All Hands was awesome. The theme was Silverline’s Got Talent, so not only did I get to meet all of our remote employees, but I watched a bunch of Silverliners showcase their various talents throughout the evening. Topped it off with a big game of flip cup – that was a Snapchat for the ages!

What do you hope for your future at Silverline?

As the organization grows, there will be a need for more support. I see the team growing and envision that I’ll be given more responsibilities to help build and nurture a very cohesive support team.

If you had a friend who was thinking about working for Silverline, what advice would you give them?

Go for it, 100%. At least a few times a week I announce how much I love my job, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to do that!

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