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Success with Wave: the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

By 11.02.15
Reading time: 2 minutes

A company that sees the value in a CRM system but not in Analytics is going to struggle to see any real value at all. Not seeing value in your investment is like running a business blindly. A good CRM system has high user adoption, is configured to scale as the business grows and changes, and is easy to use. However, a great CRM system is one that does the aforementioned but can also provide insights, metrics, trends, predictability, and patterns in the business to those that can make the most impact to the company as a whole. I am talking about Managers, Executives, and Business Owners; those responsible for the health of the business.

Wave, or Salesforce Analytics Cloud, can provide Managers with information such as who is doing their job and tending to their workload and who is not. A manager can then remedy the situation of those who are not. Maybe they need assistance or our unsure of how to do certain things.

Wave can also provide an Executive or Business owner valuable information such as how many customers do they have. How many do they have who are new, who have recently been serviced or engaged with the business. They can find out who in the company would know most about a customer and why. They can also see how much in Sales Revenue has come in at any given point, sliced and diced by any business attribute.

With Salesforce Analytics Cloud, you can have access to all of these insights on your desktop or your multiple mobile devices. Salesforce has had reports and dashboards for some time but with the release of Wave, the power of true Analytics and the power of a great CRM system is now available to all Salesforce users.

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This blog originally appeared on SF for You, a blog by Silverline Technical Architect Gean Martinez. 

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