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Celebrating Silverliners on Employee Appreciation Day

By 03.06.20
Reading time: 3 minutes

It’s employee appreciation day! We’re excited to celebrate the people of Silverline — not just in what they do, but for who they are. I got the chance to sit down with senior leaders as they shared what makes them grateful for our team today and every day.


In their words

“I am humbled by the passion, intelligence, and commitment our employees have for each other, our communities, and the clients we serve. It’s an honor to work with all of you and I thank you for all you do to make our firm special.”

Jeff Radtke, Chief Delivery Officer


“In Healthcare, we are delivering solutions that not only make customers successful, but often have direct influence on the quality of services provided to patients, consumers, and members. This would not be possible without a team of employees who execute the vision not solely because of their enthusiasm for technology and desire to learn, but more importantly because they inherently care about the impact. This caring extends to all interactions that allow myself, and other team members, to grow personally and professionally regardless of the nature of dialogue — whether sharing project experiences or a snippet from their weekend activities.”

Matt Gretczko, SVP Healthcare


“Our employees are the heart of our organization. Everything we are and all we will become is due to our employees. They are our inspiration, our laughter, our smarts and the reason clients choose us over our competitors. Our employees are what make the difference, what make us unique and make us shine.”

Lisa Dallenbach, Chief People Officer


“I appreciate the passion our employees have around creating value for our customers. They are creative, positive, and dependable. I am proud of all we are building together.”

Melissa Nelson, Chief Value Officer


“It would truly be a nightmare to imagine what my day would be like without my employees. I would probably be dead in a couple of hours trying to figure out what to do.

What truly warms my heart on a day-to-day basis are the little things our employees do for each other out of sheer love. Last week, one of my employees was dealing with the flu on a business trip and another risked getting the flu herself to provide medicine, food, and water. These simple acts of kindness pervades throughout the Silverline organization and gives me the confidence that together, we can overcome and surpass any challenges before us.”

Kai Hsiung, Chief Growth Officer


“I appreciate our team’s ability to complement each other’s strengths, shore each other up when necessary, and remember the human side of business. I appreciate the healthy competition —  teams striving to achieve the best outcomes for their clients and their internal team members, or creating ingenuitive solutions. Most of all, I appreciate their want and need to learn and share their learnings with each other.”

Angie Lingk, SVP Revenue Operations


“Our clients find us because of our brand, but they choose us because of the team they will work with. So it’s critical to have such great employees. I love the passion of our employees and how much they love working with Salesforce technology.”

Geoff Merrick, SVP Financial Services


“Silverline’s Employees are quite simply the reason that I love what I do, and why I always strive to do better. It is an honor to be able to work with such incredible talent. Silverline would not be successful without the passion and energy and perspective that our employees bring to their work every day. I am grateful for the ability to learn from each and every Silverliner, and am appreciative of their tireless efforts to create rewarding experiences for each other and our clients.”

Gireesh Sonnad, CEO


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