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Author: John Turner

How to Ensure Success with Marketing Automation


Any marketer’s ultimate goal is for their individual customer is to have unparalleled experiences. Those occur when marketing strategy, business operations, and marketing automation technologies converge into meaningful and well-orchestrated points of interaction. Marketing automation is about improving and streamlining the holistic customer journey and experience —  beginning with an individual’s initial brand awareness and continuing on as they transform into a brand advocate. Facilitate ideal interactions for customers Marketing departments, regardless of vertical, have…
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Dreamforce Marketing Keynote: The Age of the Intelligent Marketer


Marketing and marketing automation with Salesforce has undergone significant changes this fiscal year. Ryan Strynatka, SVP and GM for Social Products for Marketing Cloud, hosted a panel of experts in the marketing space at this year’s Dreamforce for Marketing Keynote entitled ‘The Age of the Intelligent Marketer’ which recapped that journey and showcased where Salesforce is headed for Winter and Spring 2019.

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