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Author: Lisa Burgese Fry

DNA and CRM: Gene Therapy Chain of Custody Innovation


It may still seem like science fiction of the future, but gene therapy is here and happening right now.  What is gene therapy? Created to help manage or prevent diseases, gene therapy may be used to treat patients instead of synthetic drugs or multiple surgeries in the very near future. Currently, researchers are focusing on several approaches, including: Replacing a mutated gene that causes disease with a healthy copy of the gene Inactivating, or “knocking…
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Innovation in the Medical Device Field with Complaint Management

Data and Integrations

The medical device industry is facing many changes in the next few years. In the midst of meeting new regulations and guidelines in the EU, how can this industry keep up with current trends in technology? And how can the voice of the customer help drive innovation? Like most things these days, the answer lies in data.  Collecting and categorizing existing data There is an inherent set of data that each company in the medical…
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