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Author: Rich Spencer

Front-Loading Washers, and the Importance of Context in User Experience Design

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In his classic book, The Design of Everyday Things, Donald Norman, director of The Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego, presents the argument that any failed user experience is the fault of bad design, not the fault of the user.  There was a time when I agreed with Donald Norman’s theory of user error = bad design. But that was before I owned a front-loading washing machine.  Context is key in user…
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Is the Zippo Lighter the Epitome of UX Design?


As a UX designer, I’m always looking for points of reference, context, and analogy that will speak to my work. That’s why I keep a Zippo lighter on my desk. In my mind, the Zippo lighter is the epitome of good design and one of the best examples I know of pure UX genius. It defines a standard to which all enterprise software should aspire and uses all four core Salesforce design principles.  Salesforce design principles…
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